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Decisiveness from Chinese

THE manner in which HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak has reacted to what had been published and attributed to Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahd was decisive and distinct. This step of HH the Prime Minister is significant and will uphold the prestige of government institutions. This will also erase the bad image of the government from the minds of citizens who have accused it of inability to solve problems. Add to this the deals sealed behind closed doors, connivance and chaos among people.

Kuwaitis for the first time feel they have a government which is able to take decisions and stick to them. This feeling gives comfort to the people and brings them good news in a country which has suffered in the recent past due to intentional crises and ended up paying a high price at all levels. Now, the citizens can live in comfort and depend on an executive authority which has finally come to terms with its responsible role without being a party to any conflict which in the past had benefitted a few in their electoral or non-electoral stints — the people who had drawn the roadmap based on their whims and desires. The Prime Minister put everything in its place when he clearly stated that he does not have a legal plea on the case the details of which by now are well-known to everyone.

Moreover, he has said if anyone has any documents concerning this case should hand them over to the concerned authority because all are equal in front of the law. This step which is in line with the Constitution puts an end to attempts of a few to pick disputes with the authority. The recent brave, strict and decisive stances adopted by HH the Prime Minister stem from his desire to shoulder his responsibilities which have been entrusted to him. He is called upon to continue doing what he does in the best interests of the nation instead of plunging the government back into an ocean of silence because the danger which Kuwait is confronting has no place for ‘connivance’ — the connivance that has toppled big regimes from a mountain of chaos.

It was said earlier ‘Seek knowledge even if you have to go to China for it’. Today, the decisive and strict Kuwaiti stand is reminiscent of this big country. This is what we have always been asking for — to benefit from the experiences of countries such as China, one of the biggest nations in the world in terms of population and economy. Therefore, we hope the executive authority in Kuwait will get the inspiration from China not only in terms of taking decisive decisions but also building sturdy and stable economy in spite of the huge differences between the two countries in terms of population, area and capabilities. However, if there is a true will there is a way to bypass all elements and hindrances. We hope what has been recently stated by the Prime Minister is the beginning of a new journey to a successful government business policy.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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