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Popular cafes set to be updated with e-services to attract youth Social fund seeks to maintain original features of cafes

KUWAIT CITY, June 6, (KUNA): The authority in charge of public cafes has drawn up a plan to update them with modern and electronic facilities, namely the internet, in a bid to draw more people and blend these genuine Kuwaiti resting places with a modern feature.

The social fund for popular cafes is seeking to maintain the original features of these cafes, a retreat for the old generation, that date back to pre-oil boom times, when the natives used these cafes, particularly the ones dotting the beach, as resting and gathering houses for merchants, fishermen and pearl divers.

The fund board has devised a fullscale plan to upgrade the popular cafes to draw various segments of the Kuwaiti society, of various ages, confirmed Abdulaziz Makdes, manager of Al-Sulaibikhat cafe, in remarks to KUNA. In the old times, these cafes were made meagre, simple materials and included wooden benches, offering tea and coffee for token prices.

Some of these cafes have been re-decorated and others have not, but they generally still draw many natives, particularly the seniors and retirees. Many old Kuwaitis, in the past times, had worked at the sea, fishing and diving for pearls or sailing to remote countries for trade.

They narrate endless stories of adventure, interesting incidents and events. Some still get together at these cafes and recollect the “good old days.” Updating these cafes has become a necessity, due to the new services offered by modern cafes dotting the whole country, said Makdes. He indicated that the managers of these cafes would seek to offer various services and accommodate the customers, namely the families who come with their children.

Assaad Al-Derbas, who manages Al-Farwaniyah cafe, told KUNA that the transformation of the cafes would not affect their genuine features and that the prices would “remain symbolic.” He confirmed that the plan aims at attracting the young Kuwaitis to enable them remember the ancestors and catch some glimpses of the Kuwaitis’ old life style. Moreover, their presence in the cafes will enable them mingle with the seniors and learn about their experience in old Kuwait. He confirmed that the cyber services at the popular cafes will be free of charge. The service will be available along with the Knet payment facility.

For his part, Yusuf Al-Mutawaa, in charge of maintenance and services, indicated that the new approach aims at “improving the quality of food served. “ All cooking utensils at the cafes have been renewed. He further revealed that an agreement has been worked out with Loyac society to showcase its activities at these cafes. Loyac will hold a series of diverse activities at these public cafes — such as handicraft and artistic exhibitions. Furthermore, special entertaining programs are planned for the fasting month of Ramadan.

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