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Some expat medical tests inaccurate, tampered with Queries raised over negligence, lapses

KUWAIT CITY, June 5: Health sources have warned on the slackness in applying medical test regulations for foreigners, as instituted by the GCC Ministers of Health for detecting tuberculosis, which has been categorized among the harmful diseases, Al-Kuwaitiya daily.

The same sources indicated that proper regulations are not followed while conducting medical tests on foreigners based on the regulations circulated to all consulate missions outside the country, noting the medical results have been altered in some cases while transferring the residency from one sponsor to another.

They cited a documented incident involving an Asian expatriate who was given medical certificate proving he was healthy, but seven days after transferring the residency and assuming his new job as a driver, the sponsor noticed he had a severe cough. He also noticed a rapid weight loss, so the sponsor decided to take his employee for medical check-up and the expatriate was diagnosed with active tuberculosis.

This incident and many other events raise lots of questions about the level of negligence and lapses in the foreigners’ medical tests that defy efforts in protecting the country from the dangerous tuberculosis, which the World Health Organization has warned of repeatedly.

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