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Consensus expected on ‘court’ law amendments Panel debates draft KPC budget

KUWAIT CITY, June 5, (KUNA): National Assembly’s legislative and legal affairs committee on Wednesday discussed response of the judicial council to a bill regarding amending “the law of the constitutional court establishment.” The said bill, recently endorsed by the commission and expected to be examined at the next NA session, entitles “individuals to resort to the court directly.” Committee Chairman MP Mubarak Al-Herais said in a statement the judicial council has forwarded some remarks on the proposals.

“The commission will reach consensus, as much as possible, regarding the bill pending referral of the report to the next National Assembly session, with aim of ensuring its adoption and turning into to a law.” MP Al-Herais declared the commission rejected the Public Prosecution request to lift immunity of the fellow lawmaker, Hamdan Al-A’zmi, “due to illicit intentions.” Meanwhile, the National Assembly committee on state budget and final accounts continued its 48th session on Wednesday with discussions on the draft budget of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) and its offshoots, notably Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) and Kuwait Gulf Oil Company (KGOC). The committee members mulled the financial problems facing the launching of KOC’s scientific research center, chairman of the committee Adnan Abdul-Samad told reporters after the meeting. “Since it got the green light in 2009, this key project received only KD 200,000 of the appropriations approved in FY 2011-2012 and FY 2012-2013 amounting to KD four million,” he said noting that the draft FY 2014-2015 set aside no further funding for the project. “The MPs noted a clear shortage of funding for the state projects and late implementation which result in more costs and delay of economic benefit from these projects,” he pointed out. On the appropriations for the healthcare of the oil sector in the new budget, Abdul-Samad said they amount to KD 177 million, including KD 22 million for overseas treatment, noting that KOC will contribute KD 50 million to the figure. “KOC’s total expenditure amounts to KD 1.8 billion while the costs of KGOC’s 12 projects amount to KD 87.3 million,” he disclosed, noting that the implementation of some of these projects is behind schedule. The oil output, envisaged in the new draft budget dropped from 294,000 bpd in 2010 to 258,000 bpd, he went on.

Regarding the associated petroleum gas, he said the ratio of gas flare went up from 39 percent in 2013 to 50 percent in 2014 despite the stability of the oil production in the two years. In another development, the Ministry of Public Works has agreed to points on the formation of a public land roads body with the parliament’s public utilities committee, but insisted that inner roads fall under its responsibility. Minister of Public Works and Minister of Electricity and Water Abdulaziz Al- Ibrahim made the announcement in a statement after he had attended talks at the National Assembly. The government is adamant on its decision on the “fourth article” of the draft law, which calls for the body to be in charge of all roads, except for suburban roads, added the statement. The discrepancy of views on the draft law’s articles will be resolved when the parliament votes on the amendments, said the minister. The government attributes its decision to suburban roads being of a lesser cost and traffic density. They also take longer than major roads to complete, and their construction overlaps with the roles of other state bodies, argued the minister.


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