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President of the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) Sheikh Ahmed Al-Fahad Al-Sabah inaugurated the monument dedicated to martyrs who sacrificed their lives to liberate Kuwait from the Iraqi invaders in 1991.
Social media erupts in anger over TV series Watch … then judge: star

KUWAIT CITY, June 5: The Kuwaiti public erupted in anger when MBC aired a Kuwaiti series whose content touched on incest, adultery and homosexuality; bombarding the social networking sites with criticisms and insults. Political activists and Salafists have accused the Information Ministry of spending millions of dollars to air immoral series, while the educational shows which promote Islam and good values have been rejected.

Other more radical activists have even posted threats against the owner of MBC — Waleed Al-Ibrahim — on various social networking sites for allowing the airing of such series.

On the other hand, Ilham Al-Fadala — a Kuwaiti actress who stars in the series stated that the public cannot judge the show without watching it. She asserted the insults and criticisms are uncalled for.

The television show angered MPs as well, so they demanded for stopping the broadcast due to scenes about adultery and homosexuality which they described as negative portrayal and an insult to society.

Observer of the National Assembly MP Saud Al-Huraiji stressed the need to immediately stop airing the “undignified” show. He said whoever agreed on broadcasting such series must be held responsible, urging the minister to fulfill his political obligation and protect Islam and its teachings, as well as the Constitution, since it stipulates that Kuwait safeguards good conduct, public manners and families. He went on to criticize the series and the fact that Kuwait TV has included it in its programs for the Holy Month of Ramadan despite the unacceptable content.

The MP asserted that the minister must form an investigative committee to deal with those responsible for purchasing this series from its producers to air it in Kuwait, and bring them to justice regardless of their positions in the ministry. He pointed out the committee must also review the content of all programs scheduled for airing during Ramadan to ensure that no series containing unacceptable scenes on adultery and others which promote shameless acts amongst the Kuwaiti youths will be aired. “They are using Ramadan — the month of holiness and worship — to promote immorality,” stated the MP as he expressed his regrets.

MP Mubarak Al-Hurais also criticized the series stating that he will not stand idle while our culture and teachings are being insulted, let alone entering houses through TV. He then asked the information minister to take a stand and stop the airing of any show which contains insults to Islamic teachings or culture.

On the other hand, MP Auda Al- Ruwaie emphasized the need for the minister to strictly supervise the airing of shows during Ramadan; even if some series are aired from outside Kuwait. He added art and media themes must be on respect, high moral standards and humility; contrary to what is being portrayed in this particular series.

By: Ahmed Al-Naqeeb Arab Times Staff

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