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Calculation of Indemnity and Leave balance

I am working in a private company and my date of joining this company is 02/12/2007. Now the company has terminated my services (without any reason mentioned) with a 3-month notice and my last working date is 30/06/2014.

I am drawing a salary of KD 1,075. I have 46 days annual leave balance as on 30-06-2014. My question is what would be my total indemnity. Thank you very much for your legal support.

Name withheld
First of all, please understand that the 3-month notice is counted in the service, which means that your total service will be almost 6 years and 7 months.

As you are resigning you will get two-thirds of your indemnity which will be calculated as follows:

15 days for each of the first five years = 75 days.

These 75 days must be divided by 26 = 75 / 26 = 2.88 months salary.

One month’s salary for each year after that = 1.58 months salary Total indemnity = 4.46 months salary. = 4.46 x 1,075 = KD 4,795 But as you resigned, you will get twothirds of this indemnity = KD 3,196

As far as the amount for your leave balance is concerned, this will be as follows: = 46 / 26 = 1.769 months salary = KD 1,902 So the total amount you will get = indemnity plus payment for leave balance = KD 3,196 + KD 1,902 = KD 5,098

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