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Mubarak’s big step for Kuwait

BETTER late than never — the government in Kuwait has at last taken the right step in the right direction by signing direct contracts with Chinese companies to implement development projects, particularly the housing, sans mediators. Over the years we have been talking about the Cabinet adopting such policies to pour cold water on parliamentary affiliations and stop in-fighting and conflicts of interests among companies and investors which have paralyzed the country. It was high time to country came out of this mess. There is no doubt rumormongers will be at work again, but if the government insists on continuing with its new policy, the rumors will disappear sooner than they had appeared, because this new government move has a popular support.

Moreover, with this new policy the government will regain the trust of the people — the government that had been described as a disabled person to an extent the Amiri Diwan had taken over the supervisory role of several development projects. Now we are seeing the results as desired by the citizens. This step should have been taken long ago but the successive governments were busy confronting the parliamentary blocs and the laws of Al-Saadoun and his bigmouth followers like Al-Barrack. The laws of Al-Saadoun were aimed at preventing the government from carrying out the day to day affairs of the people and portray it as a weak entity. While the nation interpreted this as government weakness, the troublemakers used it as evidence. It is because of these restrictions imposed on the government by Al-Saadoun laws, the country’s infrastructure and the utilities are suffering.

At a time when scandals were aplenty in areas of health, education, roads, water and electricity and other economic sectors, members of the so-called group ‘But the Seat’ — the group whose sole intention was to win a seat in the Parliament — were increasingly stabbing the authority in the back. Today, the picture is obviously different. The government no longer bows to the dictates of any group and rightly said chronic diseases cannot be cured by painkillers but by surgeries. Consequently, the projects should be carried out away from the realms of political conflicts as in other parts of the world where governments implement them unmindful of the threats of interpellation requests or resignations of ministers.

For the government this is just the beginning. A lot of hard work needs to be done if it desires to proceed steadily and leapfrog suspicious campaigns from politicians whose goals are well-known to everyone. The government must hold its head high and weather the storm instead of allowing the beneficiaries of selfish interests to topple it. The step taken by HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak will definitely benefit Kuwait and Kuwaitis because it will bring to an end the phase of confusion and herald the onset of a new phase provided it goes hand in hand with other reforms starting from the issue of loans which should be re-considered. This is in addition to the infrastructure and serious procedures needed to be adopted to prevent the expected ‘bankruptcy’ which the international financial institutions and money experts have warned of. We hope the new step is not just a dream of a humid summer night.
By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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