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Pak doctors re-attach hand of suspected thief Police accused of chopping it off after arrest

MULTAN, Pakistan, June 4, (AFP): Doctors in Pakistan have re-attached the hand of a man who accused police of chopping it off after arresting him for allegedly stealing electrical cables, officials said Tuesday.

Ghulam Mustafa was accused along with a second man Liaqat Ali of stealing the cables in the Vehari District of southern Punjab, about 120 miles (200 kms) southeast of the nearest major city of Multan. The case is the latest to outrage rights activists following the bludgeoning to death of a pregnant 25-yearold outside Lahore’s High Court last week, with one prominent lawyer saying it showed the country was “drifting fast towards barbarism”.

The men said police chopped off one of each of their hands on Friday, but officers insist the men inflicted the wounds on themselves in order to commit suicide. “The doctors have rejoined the hand of one of the accused at the government-run Bahawalpur Victoria Hospital, as his skin was still intact and his hand was clinging to him though his wrist bone,” Sadiq Ali Gujjar, a local police official told AFP. He said the severed hand of the other suspect was found in the police station. The police said they were now investigating two officials over the incident and had suspended five others including the station’s chief. “We are investigating the incident” he said Amjad Javaid Saleemi, a senior police official.

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