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Much ado about nothing Revolts never lead to freedom, safety

IT IS NOT wise to sweep mistakes under the carpet, because they will start stinking one day. The Middle East now appears to be a room full of mistakes, thereby, prompting Arab nationals to take to the streets where they embrace the religion called, ‘We will revolt until further notice.’ Nonetheless, this is just a temporary escape from reality, since at the end of the day, everyone will return to their rooms to be met with the stench of their mistakes.

Also mistaken are the Arabs who revolt while thinking that the revolutionary slogans and placards criticizing regimes will eliminate the stench of their suffering and miseries which fill the Arab political streets.
Gone are the days of ‘Colonel Ahmad ‘Urabi’ which ended with his death, gone are the days of ‘Djamila Bouhired’ and her likes. If we look into our modern days, we will find no one as loyal as Alexei Maximovich Peshkov, who is also known as Maxim Gorky.

Majority of the ‘resistant’ leaders in the Arab world are motivated by their love for the ‘seat’, not the nation. This was evident in our Arab Spring which did not produce any significant progress, apart from the fall of some crooked regimes and nations that are walking barefooted. Calls for reforms in the Arab world are just faÁades used by politicians to hide their core intentions. If they really believe in the nation and that it is more important than greed for power, Arabs would have been on top of this world. However, they use ordinary citizens as human shields every time they take to the streets, so they can protect their interests. They also move these citizens in the same manner they play chess.

Egyptian revolutionary Saad Zagloul had been quoted as saying, “Useless!’’ I am uttering the same to the Arabs. “Useless”, as long as your sight does not go beyond your noses and your demands are based on ordering kebab and possessing new bed sheets. Gottfried Leibniz once said: “What drama! Whenever you go to the street, you see the owners of cafÈs wishing you become hungry and thirsty, the dentist hopes your gums are swollen, the shoemaker hopes your shoe gets torn, and the religious people threaten you with Hellfire, while the judges are screaming about crimes committed... Everyone wants to play a major role”.

We, in the Middle East, need to be smacked. We ought to demand for this if we are ambitious enough to desire a life filled with humanity. We should not listen to the ‘media trumpets’ that are very skillful in playing music. Most of them appear to be sad about the condition of the country, but in reality, they are like chameleons dancing to its miseries. Political intentions are varied. Before we storm into the streets and fume like a pipe of cooking gas by supporting this and exploding on the face of another, we need to read history properly. Revolts are usually based on personal interests and they will never lead to security or freedom.

By Intisaar Al-Ma’tooq

By: Intisaar Al-Ma’tooq

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