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‘Deviating’ preacher deported to Sudan

KUWAIT CITY, June 1: The Interior Ministry has expelled Imam of Al-Khureinaj Mosque in Farwaniya Sayyed Farraj and ordered sending him to Sudan as per his request; while his children will return to their country in Egypt after they finish their high school exams within two weeks. In a press statement recently, the ministry explained the decision was taken after the Imam’s Friday sermon in which he mentioned issues concerning Egypt’s politics - an act prohibited as per the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs laws and regulations. It has been reported the Imam criticized Egypt’s presidential election.

One of the worshippers expressed his disapproval of the topic and advised the Imam to stick to religious matters and leave political issues. However, the Imam persisted and continued with the political talk, so the situation escalated into wrangles and chaos. Securitymen were called before the situation got worse. Security sources said the Imam was put under police custody for discussing political matters in the sermon - a violation of the Kuwaiti law.

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