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Main suspect in mall killing sentenced to 5 years in jail

KUWAIT CITY, June 1: The Criminal Court sentenced the main suspect in the killing of a citizen in Marina Mall to five years imprisonment with hard labor. The court also acquitted another suspect and excluded one from the charges. The Public Prosecution had earlier charged the suspects with premeditated murder but detained only one of them and released the other two upon completion of investigations.

During investigations, the suspects denied the accusation while the main suspect said he had no intention to kill the victim; indicating the crime was committed due to an altercation and he did not know the victim before the incident.

Meanwhile, another suspect told investigators the murder weapon - a knife - belonged to him but the main suspect took it from him to commit the crime. The third suspect denied participating in the crime, asserting he was not with his friends when they committed the crime. He said he reached the crime scene only after the alleged killing of the citizen.

Jail for blogger: The Misdemeanor Court presided over by Magistrate Nayef Al-Adwani sentenced a twitterer to three months in jail with hard labor for apostasy in a lawsuit filed by a Kuwaiti citizen through Lawyer Ali Al- Ali. Case file indicated that Lawyer Al- Ali filed charges against the twitter for using words deemed offensive to a religious sect in the society to stir sedition, defamation and misusing mobile phone, as per Law No. 19/2012 stipulating the protection of national unity, in addition to two articles in the penal code 209/210 and Article 1 of Law No. 9/2001 related to misuse of telephone and snoopy devices.

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