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Number of smokers is rising among citizens: Dr Al-Obaidi DNA identification laboratory completed

KUWAIT CITY, June 1 (KUNA): Kuwait faces a major challenge, rising number of smokers among citizens including women, said Minister of Health Dr Ali Al-Obaidi on Sunday. Proportion of smokers among teenagers, aged between 13 and 15, has reached 11.3 percent of the population and the overall number of smokers per year is increasing, the minister said in a statement on the occasion of observing “World No Tobacco Day.” Aware of the health hazards caused by tobacco, the Ministry of Health has worked out programs for combating smoking, he said.

The ministry has promoted dangers of smoking, hiked fees on the product and has set up a special program to monitor numbers of those addicted to tobacco.

Moreover, the ministry seeks to protect non-smokers, through updating Law No 15 (1995) and ensuring its implementation, in addition to offering aid to smokers at special clinics, he said, noting that Kuwait is in the lead among regional countries in terms of figures of quitters. The minister also indicted that a new version of the anti-smoking law that stipulates strict penalty against smoking in public places had been referred to the cabinet. Penalty is hiked from KD 50 to KD 500, he said.

The Ministry of Interior announced on Sunday completion of the Kuwaiti DNA identification laboratory, fully equipped with technical devices compatible with international quality standards. The forensic evidence department at the ministry is so keen on attaining specialized technical achievements that have significant impact on the disclosure of evidences and facts.

These facts aid investigative and justice bodies in performing their duties, and revealing many issues that have been boosted by irrefutable probative evidence, Brigadier Dr Fahad Al- Dosari, Director General of Forensic Evidence Department at the ministry, said in a press statement released by the media department at the ministry.

The department is also keen on keeping up with the constant increase in the number of criminal and next of kin cases, he said, noting that the lab’s capacity has surpassed 9,000 samples of next of kin authenticity, and 1,500 criminal cases a month. He also pointed out the ongoing efforts to attain further achievements to disclose evidences and facts that assist investigative and justice bodies to perform their duties to the fullest by using latest technological methods, and continuing to train and prepare human resources to attain better results.

The laboratory was established by directions of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, and Acting Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khaled Al- Hamad Al-Sabah, said Brig. Al- Dosari

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