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Egypt ... another day

EGYPT closed its uneasy chapter on the future through the presidential election which reflects the ambition of its people who elected not just a president, but also a historic leader. We then say to the newly-elected president: ‘’You are most welcome in the presidential palace in which the purpose is not greed for power or position; but for completion of the course that started on June 30, 2013 to rescue the country. His Excellency President Abdulfattah el-Sisi, we know you only decided to nominate yourself after thorough contemplation of the situation taking into consideration various opinions from elite Egyptians; in addition to consultations with different Arab and non-Arab countries which are concerned with Egypt’s stability and look upon Egypt as their support and source of determination and strength.

We also know you were reluctant to take over the reins of leadership in Egypt, but your people chose the path for you. We know you were worried that your abilities might not match the dreams of Egyptians. Be assured all of your worries are now behind you because the answer came from the ballot boxes which chose you not because of you as a person, but due to the promises you made to millions of people whom you asked to be ready to endure the hardship of national building, reconstruction and development. Here they are — the people of Egypt — saying: “We are up for the challenge.”

Twenty-five million Egyptians lit up the flame of hope which needs only someone big to look over it and provide proper guidance. Here they are, the people of Egypt have chosen their big ‘one’, because they discovered in you the characteristics of a leader. It has never happened before in Egypt where a president was elected with a huge margin. About 97 percent of Egyptians voted for their future leader under the watch of the international community.

Today is another day. In fact, it is a new era — the era of work which definitely needs billions and billions of capital. However, the determination to rescue reverence for Egypt from the claws of the ‘Brotherhood’ gang should not be underestimated during this building and reconstruction period. Actually, this determination should intensify because your country needs restoration of international confidence — whether the economy, tourism, agriculture or industry; let alone its need for new investment laws and to improve the existing ones, for the country to overcome challenges starting from the top of the leadership pyramid up to the bottom.

His Excellency the President, you are the person whom the land of the pharaoh regard as deserving to be the captain of its ship in this period of time. The person who will restore determination to face challenges, the kind of determination possessed by builders of pyramids, as well as the local and foreign investors. They all saw in you this captainship.  Even if you need the investors’ capital, the investors are fully aware of your keen interest in ensuring everything is done with military precision. They are looking forward to your reign in the same manner that the advanced countries do in the world of investments. In those countries, the investors are received with honor and on the red carpet, while their transactions are completed quickly; contrary to the chaotic Arab bureaucracy.

Dubai is a good example of development in terms of attracting investors from the East and West. Its ruler made Dubai an ‘experience’ worth emulating. This is in line with his promise to transform Dubai within a few years to become the ‘Makkah’ of investment and finance — a model that should be adopted by the Arab country. This is what we want to see in Egypt with billions worth of investments. His Excellency the President, let us call you Egypt’s big man. The big country has several investment fields, on top of which is its people especially the youths. Indeed, investing in the youths’ energy will produce extra value if applied properly.

Undoubtedly, in every nation there are people who see the world from a dark perspective. Their main purpose is to frustrate and discourage people through various means — whether political or media. All you need to do is to turn deaf ears to those trying to spoil anything nice in the country and we are referring to the ‘Brotherhood’.   The ‘Brotherhood’ is now a thing of the past. An Arab adage goes, “Honor the dead through burial’’. This is exactly what Egypt has done, it has buried them. Therefore, don’t mind the political carcass and don’t waste your energy on them; instead, let the legislative minds lay down legislation for the benefit of the country, particularly in the aspect of protecting its dignity.

Egypt’s big man, remember that once upon a time, the economy of your country was one of the strongest in the region and how other countries used to take loans from it; even the Great Britain’s government had taken a loan from Egypt. We are not the only ones waiting for this strong economy; your people can remember very well how the abundance was interpreted through washing the streets of Egypt with soap. It was an indication of the advanced civilization and the people are longing for the return of prosperity so the streets will be washed with shampoo. All this will happen only if you fulfill what you promised before you were elected. It also calls for drawing bold lines with the assistance of a righteous cortËge among the Egyptians and Arabs in general.

Yes, Egypt is capable of becoming a huge center for commerce, tourism, industry and agriculture. Through its strong youths and huge manpower; it can compete with South Korea, Japan and the Asian Tigers. In fact, it can become the ‘Makkah’ of Arab manpower and investors. In facing this immense challenge, do not let your hands hesitate when signing new investment laws which should be followed by a well-guided commercial court whose main objective is to uphold the integrity of Egypt’s historic judicial system — the school where many Arab lawyers have graduated. The commercial court exists in every advanced country. It is the only entity that can protect investors in the midst of political pressure, which usually happens due to differences in opinions between countries.

Egypt’s big man, Egypt is a big country; not only geographically and historically, but also the inspiring exuberance of its youths. This country is the cornerstone of the Arab world, so hopes are pinned on you and your leadership for the coming period that is supposed to be characterized by motivation, determination and commitment towards reconstruction. Egypt must regain its economic glory, strength and prosperity ... Therefore, don’t shatter these hopes.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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