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Iranian nabbed for practicing sorcery

KUWAIT CITY, May 31: Thirteen people escaped unhurt when water started seeping through a yacht to the engines compartment, while the engine of another yacht broke down in Kubbar Island on the way back to Kuwait Marine Club. The Fire Operations Room was notified about the malfunctioning of the two yachts and a rescue team went to the place and dealt with the situation right away. In a separate incident, the Marine Rescue Team of Salmiya Fire Brigade rescued the passengers in a boat which was stuck in Awha Island, after the Operations Room had been notified about the episode. Acase was registered.

Iranian held: Police arrested an Iranian expatriate in Salmiya area for practicing sorcery. He was referred to the Criminal Investigation Department, reports Al-Rai daily. The alleged sorcerer carried a bag containing magic charms with labels “love, hatred, separation and unity”, in addition to tablets believed to be narcotic substances. Security sources said patrolmen spotted the suspect and approached him for checking and went ahead to conduct a search inside his bag when they discovered he was jittery. It was then the aforementioned items were found. He was arrested and referred to the concerned authority.

Bid to rob co-op: Police are looking for three individuals who tried to rob a branch of the Agricultural Cooperative Society in Abdali, reports Al-Rai daily. According to sources, the three suspects threatened an Egyptian cashier with a firearm. However, the suspects drove off when the cashier pressed the alert system and other employees rushed to the scene.

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