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Immigration problems

I have heard about a new immigration rule regarding farm visas (masar visas). According to reports, expatriates on farm visas can transfer their residence only after 3 years. Is this true?. And secondly, my salary has been mentioned as KD 250 on the work permit. Can I apply for a family visa ? My marriage certificate has been attested by the Kuwait Embassy in India?

Name withheld
First of all remember that this 3-year rule is not only for those expatriates who are hired from abroad on farm visas … it is for all expatriates who are hired from abroad.

The only exception, before this 3- year period, is for those expatriates who are university graduates and obtain a release from their sponsors.

On the issue of getting dependent visas, the Immigration Department officials have become very strict these days. Although no specific instructions have been issued, these officials are nowadays also looking at the job designation of individuals.

The main concern of these officials is whether you are earning enough – although the salary cap has been set at KD 250 and you meet this condition— to sponsor your family in Kuwait. So if you are a farm hand, it is going to be difficult for the Immigration officials to give you a dependent visa regardless of how much you are earning.


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