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Corruption to be taken on under new dev plan Reward for whistleblowers

KUWAIT CITY, May 31: Significant amount of money has been allocated for corruption-control in the new five-year developmental plan and most of the money will be used to reward those who report activities involving corruption. This move is aimed to encourage citizens to contribute in fighting against corruption in the government sector and emphasizes the importance of ‘activating longterm vision on administration reforms and enhancing transparency and accountability in every government domain’.

The 2015 - 2020 plan, which has been prepared by the Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, and Minister of Planning and Development Hind Al- Sabeeh, will be referred to the Cabinet in the coming few days before it is handed over to the parliament. The plan includes recommendations presented during the Youths Summit based on which it suggests several methods for enabling the youths and enhancing their role in the society.

One of these methods is through developing the role of the private sector in supporting the youths, involving them in small and medium level projects and marketing their creativity, talents and energy. The plan detailed the challenges that will be faced when finding quick solutions such as ‘the slow pace of change to e-government’ and ‘lack of qualified manpower with adequate knowledge on how to help Kuwait into the e-world’. The plan called for the spread e-culture and increased use of applications for egovernment as well as electronic filing of all governmental documents for expediting the transformation of the government into an e-government.

By: Eman Al-Bely Al-Seyassah Staff

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