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Campaign seeks to raise coronavirus awareness Event part of MoH program

KUWAIT CITY, May 31: Ali Thunayan Al-Ghanim Health Center on Saturday organized a health campaign to raise public awareness on coronavirus at a traditional café in Sulaibikhat. In a press statement, Dr Hamad Al- Farhan disclosed that the campaign was made possible through the concerted efforts of the Health Ministry, Traditional Cafés Department and the center.

He explained the event is part of the ministry’s program to keep the public informed about the virus and ways to prevent the disease. He pointed out the department welcomes all traditional cafés to support the activities and programs regarding the virus.

He said these cafés complement series of awareness campaigns being carried out by the center in various areas like clubs, associations, police stations and mosques. He stressed the campaigns will continue in a bid to reach the largest segment of citizens and residents. He also praised the role of the department in educating the public about the disease.

Meanwhile, Abdulaziz Maqdis from the traditional café in Sulaibikhat affirmed they are keen on providing all the facilities to ensure success of the activities of the medical team from the ministry.

He said Saturday’s campaign was a huge success with the participation of several families who spent leisure time at the café while learning everything about Corona virus, including preventive measures, symptoms and nature of the disease.

He added the social fund for traditional cafés was established to activate the role of these cafés in the community by hosting activities deemed beneficial to the public. He asserted the cafés are not just places for leisure and entertainment because they also serve a higher purpose - as a platform for social awareness programs for a large segment of the society

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