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GB names winners Danah daily draws

KUWAIT CITY, May 30: Gulf Bank held its Al Danah daily draws on May 25, 2014, announcing the names of its winners for the week of May 18 to May 22. The Al Danah daily draws include draws each working day for two prizes of KD 1000 per winner.

The winners were:
(Sunday 18/05): Mohammad Haji Ali Boushahri, Fouziya Shama Christopher; (Monday 19/05): Bader Hamed Mubarak Al-Mobaraki, Maryam Fadhel Ali Al-Bloushi; (Tuesday 20/05): Bader Yousef Habib Al-Ibrahim, Ayedh Qabalan Al-Rashidi; (Wednesday 21/05): Ahmed Mamdouh Mohammed Ahmed Ghannam, Rajaa Abdulrahim Maarouf; (Thursday 22/05): Nemshan Saoud Al-Nemshan,  Mubarek Shahid Hadad Salman Al-Husaini. Gulf Bank’s Al Danah 2014 draw lineup includes daily draws (2 winners per working day each receive KD 1000). Al Danah’s 2nd Quarterly draw for 2014 will be held in June (KD 250,000, KD 125,000, and KD 25,000). Gulf Bank advises all its Al Danah customers to keep their money saved in their accounts to enhance their chances of winning one of the major cash prizes of KD 25,000, KD 125,000 and KD 250,000 in the second Al Danah quarterly prize draw for 2014. Any withdrawal before the draw in June would reduce chances of winning.

Al Danah allows customers to win cash prizes and simultaneously encourages them to save. Each KD 100 gives the customer 1 chance daily which accumulates day by day. The more money saved and the longer it is in the account, the more chances individuals stand to win. Every Al Danah prize draws will automatically be deposited into the winner’s account within two working days. Al Danah also offers a number of unique services including the Al Danah Deposit Only ATM card which helps account holders deposit their money at their convenience; as well as the Al Danah calculator to help customers calculate their chances of becoming an Al Danah winner. Gulf Bank’s Al Danah account is open to Kuwaitis and all residents of Kuwait. Customers who open an account and/ or deposit more will enter the draw within two days. To be part of the Al Danah draws, customers can visit one of Gulf Bank’s 58 branches, transfer on line, or call the Customer Contact Center on 1805805 for assistance and guidance. Customers can also log on to, to find out more about Al Danah and who the winners are.

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