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‘Credit cards used to make fake purchases issued in US, UK’ ‘Arrests tip of the iceberg’

KUWAIT CITY, May 30: A security source has reassured that all credit cards used by the four-member gang to make fake purchases were all issued outside the country and that none of these cards have been issued by any of the local banks, reports Al-Anba daily. The source said the counterfeit credit cards used by the members of the network were issued by American and British banks.

The sources explained the confessions of four key accused in the scam have revealed that they are members of an extensive worldwide network and that they work in collaboration with foreign hackers to steal data of credit cards, particularly of foreigners who check in hotels and pay through credit cards. The source continued saying there are four key suspects and that the investigation is not over yet and is likely to identify more partners. “We will not rest until we close the case entirely after completion of full investigation and bringing to book the culprits.”

The source expressed regret over the fact that the main accused is in his early twenties and is highly talented in the use of Internet and the use of complex programs, but according to him, he exploits his skills to commit crimes because it carries a maximum sentence of 10 years. Earlier it was reported a four-member gang specialized in stealing data from international credit cards had been arrested and being interrogated.

A source said the arrest came after a local bank informed the police about suspicious sales operations. The bank said the operations appeared suspicious because the value of purchases was about KD 10,000 for each transaction and this wasn’t in line with the company’s dealings. The source said detectives traced the financial activity to a Diwaniya used by four citizens in their early twenties three of them jobless.

The suspects used to copy data from the stolen credit cards and then misuse them and were able to steal KD 5,000 which drew the attention of the bank after the money was deposited into the bank. The next few transactions valued at KD 10,000 were not successful because the bank became alert and halted the operations.

During interrogation, the suspects admitted to ‘buying’ credit card information from hackers residing outside Kuwait and loading the data on to machines at home and extract essential details.

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