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Deportation for prayer-leader deviating from topic Egyptian worshippers protest

KUWAIT CITY, May 30: Worshippers to Al-Khureinej Mosque in Farwaniya governorate during the Friday prayer were witness to wrangling and chaos between Imam of the mosque and several worshippers of Egyptian nationality in an incident that necessitated the intervention of security forces.

Apparently, Imam of the mosque criticized Egypt’s presidential election and offended the president-elect Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi during the sermon, and a worshipper expressed disapproval on the topic the Imam was indulging in and advised the Imam to stick to religious matter and leave out political issues.

However, the Imam persisted and continued the political talk until the situation escalated to wrangling and chaos. Security forces arrived at the scene to maintain order and prevented the issue from going out of hand.

Security sources indicated the Imam was placed in police custody based on the accusation of indulging in political matters in violation of Kuwaiti law.

As per news circulating on the social networking sites, the Deputy Premier and Interior Minister Sheikh Muhammad Al-Khaled has issued deportation order against the Imam

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