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Legislator laments low standard of education Ministry split urged

KUWAIT CITY, May 30: The Rapporteur of Parliament’s Education and Culture Committee MP Khalil Abdullah has called for separating the Ministry of Higher Education from Ministry of Education for better handling of issues related to the low standard of education in the country. In a press statement, MP Abdullah stressed that these two ministries direct the future of the country because of which the government must exert extra effort to deal with the deteriorating level of education in the country as a result of phenomena of favoritism, nepotism and discrimination in recruitments, revealing that the committee has not yet discussed in detail the issues related to the two ministries. He indicated that he will request for a special session to discuss the deteriorating state of education and weakness of the ministerial structure, after coordinating with his colleagues to allot an appropriate date for holding the session. He added that he has prepared several political questions on education and higher education for the minister-in-charge to answer.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Parliament’s Housing Affairs Committee MP Faisal Al-Kandari has praised the decision taken by Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) to allocate 70 million square meters of its land in southern city of Saad Al-Abdullah area for residential purposes, which has the capacity of holding 43,000 housing units, indicating that this move will contribute in solving the housing problem to a large extent. He stressed that solving the housing problem is possible especially after the government was able to allocate sufficient lands for housing purpose through the efforts of the Parliament, which considered this issue as its top priority and compelled the government to work on it.

MP Al-Kandari praised the efforts exerted by the Minister of Communications, State Minister for Municipal Affairs, Minister of Oil and Head of Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW). He explained that the Parliament’s Housing Affairs Committee strives to overcome all obstacles in order to hand over the housing lands to PAHW for allocation and distribution to the applicants of housing welfare.

He emphasized the need for the State Minister for Municipal Affairs to carry out necessary technical studies for preparation of these lands for housing purposes prior to handing them over to PAHW, urging the minister to ensure the safety of the lands with respect to the soil and environment, as some residential cities recently experienced problems in these aspects. MP Al-Kandari explained that the new lands added to the ones allocated to PAHW previously will increase the total number of possible housing units to 200,000, which can cover the housing applications that have so far been submitted to PAHW and those expected to be submitted in the coming years. He urged Kuwait Municipality and PAHW to coordinate in conducting comprehensive studies and preparing organizational layouts before submitting their approval in order to ensure all exerted efforts are ‘fruitful’ and results are ‘positive’. He stressed that his committee will closely monitor all activities related to the studies conducted on the lands to ensure absence of all negative elements before they are handed over to PAHW

By: Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff

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