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Newborn residence formalities

A beautiful child was born to me about three months. As I was a little careless I wasn’t able to get the residence formalities completed, although it was mainly due to unavailability of various documents.

I have been told that since I have missed the deadline — 60 days — for this purpose, I will not only face difficulties in getting residence for my daughter but also face a huge fine.

Now my questions are as follows:

1.How difficult will it be to finalize how much is the fine for my newborn child? Is there a difference in the fine for a newborn and adults?

Name withheld
We have answered similar questions a number of times but we will reproduce one which suits your problems: “A lot of parents make the same mistake.

There is a deadline of 60 days to complete the residence formalities of a newborn but if for any reason you feel that you will miss this deadline you should visit the Immigration Dept and get an Article 14 residence (temporary) for the child. You will initially get it for one month but it can be extended for three months. This will help you get legal cover for the child and you will be able to avoid a fine.

But since you failed to get the temporary residence for your child you should follow the below procedure to rectify the situation.

Don’t worry about the difficulties, just follow the procedure and all should be okay. Normally all such children are treated as visitors if you miss the 60-day deadline and the fine is KD 10 per day but this is rarely imposed in circumstances like yours if you go through the cumbersome legal procedure for such cases.

Once your documents are ready, visit the Immigration Department in your area and apply for the residence of the child. Your application will be rejected but you will be referred to the Investigation Officer in your area.

This officer will take your statement and refer you to court. You will then be given a date to appear in court where the judge will look at the reasons of the delay in getting the residence.

Normally there is no fine if the delay has not been intentional and even if there is it is very nominal and you will be ordered to get the residence for the child without any further.

Armed with the court order, and after payment of the fine, if any, you again visit the Immigration Dept in your area and the residence is stamped.

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