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Decision on rehiring retirees suspended Municipality OKs locations for transmission towers

KUWAIT CITY, May 29: In response to the suggestion presented by the members of Municipal Council about hiring the services of retired officials for protection of marine environment and public gardens, Director General of Kuwait Municipality Ahmad Al- Sabeeh revealed that the Civil Service Commission (CSC) had issued a decision in this regard but it was suspended until new regulations related to this issue is allotted, reports Al-Kuwaitiah daily. He revealed that the Ministers Council issued another decision regarding using the experience of retired officials for consultation, analyses and research purposes. According to this decision, the number of rehired retirees should not be more than five in each governmental office, their remuneration should not be more than KD 2,000 and each case must be approved by CSC.

Meanwhile, Kuwait Municipality has approved the request of Ministry of Electricity and Water for allocation of six locations in different areas for construction of transmission towers. It has been coordinating with the concerned authorities prior to the implementation of the project in order to ensure it does not hinder the services provided with those authorities. In other news, in response to a proposal submitted by the Head of Municipal Council Muhalhel Al- Khalid regarding the possession and renovation of Dasman Palace, Kuwait Municipality affirmed that the palace is presidential and the headquarter for the regime under the supervision of the Cabinet, reports Al-Shahid daily. It indicated that the Director General of Kuwait Municipality will take charge of the supervision of the palace if the Cabinet relinquishes this responsibility.

The Municipality revealed that the government has been studying the renovation of the palace in coordination with the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters. It explained that the Dasman Palace and its affiliated buildings are built on an area of 30,000 hectares and has high historical and cultural important both in Kuwait and internationally.

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