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Historic opportunity in Amiri visit to Iran

THE visit of His Highness the Amir to Iran is a regional historic opportunity that can never be replicated amidst the current situation in the Middle East. The visit will redraw the economic, political and geographical maps. Will Tehran miss the opportunity by remaining on the path that attracts global foes and be isolated from other countries in the region? Does she want to continue exhuming buried sectarian differences to inflame crises that have been subdued several centuries ago? The Trojan Horse has been redrawing map of the region according to the interest of some world powers, but she will be the biggest loser.

Before any thing, Iran should accept that the era of imperialism in the region is gone forever. It collapsed over a century ago, while the world has changed tremendously for some decades now. Absolute aggressive power is no longer useful; while racial, sectarian and doctrinal muscle-flexing no longer conquer countries.
The United Nations Charter and other international conventions have established this fact. It has specified the limit for the most powerful nations in the world in terms of using their influence. Power has even been transformed in some regions, so the US can no longer capitalize on her strength over Vietnam. Before that period, attacking Japan with atomic bomb did not enable the US to fully control world affairs. Exporting socialism and governing by force did not protect the Soviet Union against collapse.

Being a good neighbor with relations based on good intentions, friendship and exchange of economic benefits are enough to guarantee the safety of countries and ensure a comfortable life for the people. This is exactly the message many people have been trying to send to the Iranian government - to change the idea of confrontation, disengage from efforts to possess nuclear weapons, militarize the country and jettison fantasies which powerful nations failed to realize at various times.

Undoubtedly, Iran has been sending positive signals to several capitals in the region and the entire world since Hassan Rouhani assumed office. However, he is yet to translate the signals into actions; especially in the region in a manner that could end concern of her neighbors towards provocative actions and interference in internal affairs.
Today, with the visit of the Amir to the Iranian capital; Kuwait and other Arabian Gulf nations are expressing readiness to forget the past and open a new chapter. First, the Amir is in the right position to have remarkable achievements; considering his status in the region, Arab nations and the whole world. His wealth of experience will bear fruit once he focuses on pending issues between Iran and her Arab neighbors with wisdom that will protect the interests of everyone.

A few weeks ago, we said Iran is bound to incur losses rather than gains by shutting doors against her neighbors. Her strength will be useless in responding to foreign offensive if she is not on the same page with the neighbors. This means Iran is naked in the midst of neighbors and incapable of facing offensives.
The Iranian leader, who has been knocking on doors across the world for dialogue with the G6, should have good intentions backed up with actions. He should seize this historic opportunity to the maximum level by removing obstacles against citizens of the region. These obstacles have been on ground for the past three decades due to hegemony ambition under the slogan, “Revolution Export”. It led to severe enmity, sanction and economic crises among Arabs and the international community.

For this, Iran cannot continue to shut doors against herself; while poverty and hunger reign supreme. Millions of Iranians are on the verge of death. The Sabah of dialogue and diplomacy, who is a blessing to Kuwait, Arabian Gulf, Arab and Muslim nations, is on his way to Tehran for issues concerning the entire world rather than Kuwaiti files alone. The Amir is full of wisdom to which we hope the Iranian leaders will listen and act upon it to ensure the visit lays foundation for a new beginning in the region. Doing this will protect her against the ghost of military and political fantasies. This is what we expect from the administration of President Hassan Rouhani who is striving hard to open door of dialogue with everybody due to his awareness of imminent danger on his citizens and country.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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