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Time to talk less, do more Whoever wins ... Egypt no 5-star hotel

A beautiful Egyptian proverb, which loosely translates to: “You promised me earrings, so I ended up piercing my ears; but until now I haven’t seen the earrings.”  I remembered this proverb when I read news about Field Marshal Abdulfattah Al-Sisi, Egypt’s presidential candidate.  At the time he announced his 700-page election program, I believed every line as it tackled important issues concerning Egyptians. 
Al-Sisi’s priorities include eradication of poverty, chronic diseases and randomness; ensure social equality; proper utilization of the country’s assets, resources and finances; develop the economy in an unprecedented manner and provide better living standards for the people of Egypt.  In short, what the Field Marshal wanted to tell the people of Egypt was, “I will lead and take you to paradise if you vote for me”.
This person doesn’t need all this adornment because of his noble reputation and history.  Personally, I feel Al-Sisi is in touch with Egypt as a country and as his country.  He is also in touch with its soil and its people; hence, the 700 pages he presented were unnecessary due to the fact that his election program and its items are based on illusion - the ‘island of sand’.

I think he just wanted to reassure the overwhelmed Egyptians and give them hope.  He wanted to affirm to them that the new Egypt is being re-established; so the people should prepare to ‘’cut the ribbon’’.
Honorable Field Marshal, do you want to establish a new country with this huge number of people? Try and I will include you in my supplications; but I beg your pardon O noble man, “the bed sheet is small and it cannot cover every Egyptian”.
Majority of the hearts in Egypt, the Arab world in general and even the entire world are fond of Al-Sisi.  They have confidence in his political and security outlook, especially his solemn military position with the ousted president - Mubarak.  Thus, it would have been enough for him to summarize his election program in one line: “I will protect Egypt and its honor.” 
We, Arabs, have ‘’big mouths which emit loads of words that come back to haunt us and push us back to the starting point.  Currently, Egypt is in need of brief words and actions to remove the country from the lurking danger.

With regard to Al-Sisi’s opponent in the presidential election, Hamdeen Sabahi also kowtowed to the people of Egypt; but in the manner of ‘Mary Muneeb’.  In his election program, Sabahi stated he will reinstate the value and status of education in Egypt.  He will start with teachers, promising that they will be among the highest-paid professionals.  Honorable Sabahi also vowed to encourage the students to love learning and their schools by developing educational infrastructure to entertain the students while they are studying.  “Excuse me Mr Sabbahi, this is not how things are done.”

Whoever is in or outside Egypt should know that the country is not owned by the Egyptians only.  In fact, it is the ‘lungs’ of the Middle East which cannot breathe properly when its wind pipe is blocked by the smoke of political disorder caused by revolutions.
I am not concerned about who will get the winning ticket and take over the reins of power in Egypt.  What is important to me is that whoever wins the presidential race; he should not consider Egypt as a five-star hotel for him to spend leisure time.  He should not leave the people to bear political, economic, social, health and educational responsibilities, while going round and round dialogue on new and old Egypt.
Long live Egypt.

By Intisaar Al-Ma’tooq

By: Intisaar Al-Ma’tooq

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