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Hyundai Northern Gulf Trading Co officials, event organizers pose for a group photo.
Hyundai Northern Gulf Trading organizes Car Road Show Centennial & Genesis embody driving comfort, safety standards & opulent luxury

KUWAIT CITY, May 27: Northern Gulf Trading Co, the exclusive Hyundai agent in Kuwait, organized a Road Test day on Wednesday, May 21, 2014 in the recently opened Sirbb circuit in Shuweikh for the 2015 luxury Hyundai cars Centennial and Genesis. Elite clients, luxury car lovers, the press and the media were all present on that day. Sirbb circuit has quickly become the primary destination and the major meeting place for car sports lovers, as well as a primary center that hosts most activities and events that relate to vehicles. Both the Hyundai Centennial and Genesis 2015 radiated prestigious elegance and opulent luxury on the track.

Press and Media Test Drive the All-New Hyundai Genesis& Centennial 2015
The first activity that marked the day was the test drive of both cars by the media and press. At 10 in the morning, participants were asked to sign up. After a short explanation of basic driving principles, safety on the road,and a review of the unique and distinguished specifications of both cars, participants were invited to view the luxurious cars and finally to experience the actual driving sensation. An open buffet lunch followed the morning activities.

Invited Businessmen Test Drive the All-New Hyundai Genesis & Centennial 2015
The next phase of test driving started at 5 in the evening. Businessmen, major Hyundai clients, luxury car lovers, and a few VIP’s were all given the chance to take the cars out on a test drive.

Turjuman’s Statement
On the occasion, Turjuman, the CEO of Northern Gulf stated: “Hyundai has become accustomed to providing its clients with the best channel to experience their dream car through a Road Test open day. We offer car lovers a unique experience to discover first-hand the performance, advanced technologies, luxurious features, and distinctive safety standards.”

Centennial...Car of the Year
Centennial has been named “Car of the Year 2013” by “Automobile”, a magazine that provides reviews on luxury cars in the Middle East. In addition, Centennial has been previously named “Car of the Year 2012” by “Sport Auto”, a leading car magazine in the region.
Centennial is considered the most exclusive among the Hyundai cars. It clearly reflects Hyundai Motors’ commitment to manufacturing vehicles that are the top of their categories. Such luxury sedans reinforce the concept of “modern luxury” adopted by the company, which has become a core element of its strategic direction.

Despite its recent introduction to market, Hyundai Centennial has established itself as a leading competitor among luxury cars that belong to the same category, which has been traditionally monopolized by German and Japanese cars. This is vividly apparent in the Middle East market and is reflected by the sky rocketing sales. Once again, this shows the confidence of Hyundai clients in this exclusive Hyundai model.
Centennial 2015 is characterized by a luxurious and elegant interior with leather seats and real wood grain trimmings. The dashboard has been fully redesigned. In addition, the rear compartment has been remodeled to ensure more rear seat comfort and convenience.

With two 9.2 inch monitors set into the back of each front seat, rear seat passengers can enjoy the ultimate entertainment experience inside the Centennial. A rear control panel has also been built in to the rear compartment allowing passengers to adjust climate, seating, and audio settings. A driver information system (DIS) is also a prominent feature in the Centennial that is easily operated by dial, push and enter controls, providing quick access to the multi-media system.

Hyundai Centennial is known for its enhanced engine technology, using GDI engines which deliver improved performance. It is also known for its high safety standards. The Centennial is equipped with a Blind Spot Detection System (BSD) to detect vehicles that enter the driver’s blind spot. A warning indicator on the outside wing mirror flashes to alert the driver to danger. Centennial also features a Head-Up Display (HUD) system that projects speed and turns information on the windscreen to ensure safe driving. The All-Around View Monitor (AVM) system is another safety feature in the Centennial. It provides a 360 degree bird’s eye view of the car’s location and position, using four cameras at the front, sides, and rear, to relay images to the display monitor at the center of the dashboard making parking safe, simple, and stress-free. Finally, the “Haptic” steering wheel provides another safety feature where a range of in-car functions can be controlled with a touch screen that is built into the steering wheel, providing a modern, dynamic user interface and minimizing distraction.

Genesis... A Symbol of Functional Luxury
The all new Hyundai-Genesis 2015 will be the first Hyundai to embody Fluidic Sculpture 2.0, the second generation of the Fluidic Sculpture design theme. It is characterized by a simple design that is harmonious with its fluidic elements. The design features a hexagonal front grill, a dynamic crease accent along the flanks of the car and a sporty rear design. The enhanced and refined model features a light weight stainless steel body and some modified dimensions. The all new Genesis 2015 is longer than the previous model. It is 4990 mm long, 1890 mm wide, 1480mm high and with a wheelbase equivalent to 3010mm.
Hyundai announced several advancements to its Blue Link technology available on Hyundai-Genesis 2015, including integration with Google Glass. Blue Link technology allows you to remotely lock, unlock, and start your car, as well as remotely operate the climate control system. It also provides an automatic Emergency Assistance System which transmits vehicle information and location to an emergency center of the driver’s choice. This compatibility allows the driver to perform the above operations and many more in a hands-free mode, maximizing safety and convenience.

The Hyundai-Genesis 2015 is equipped with a GPS navigation system — a space-based satellite navigation system — Pandora internet radio, Siri Eyes Free technology which allows for eyes and hands-free operations, advanced voice recognition technology and a customizable home screen.
A major feature that reflects the compatibility of Hyundai-Genesis 2015 and Google Glass is the Smart Card that is loaded with information about the Hyundai-Genesis 2015. Google Glass will alert the owner when upcoming service is due, schedule a service appointment, pinpoint the current location of the vehicle and help determine the final destination through visual and audio guidance.

Hyundai-Genesis 2015 also offers standard safety features including Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), Blind-Spot Detection System (BSD) integrated with the Head’s-Up Display, Smart Cruise Control (SCC) with radar sensors, Traction Control System, Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), in addition to four anti-lock Disc Brakes (ABS) with Brake Assist and Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD), dual front and side-impact airbags to protect both driver and passengers. In short, Hyundai-Genesis 2015 provides the ultimate in advanced and modern safety technologies.

A Success Story
This category of luxury cars is a success story in itself. In 2012, the sales of Hyundai Centennial increased by 244%, while the sales of Hyundai Genesis increased by 31% amounting to 3490 cars sold last year.

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