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Traffic Department is “restricting” the issuance of driving licenses

This refers to my previous communication on the subject of getting a driving license.

I have applied for a learner’s license 2-3 times but my application has been rejected every time due to the fact that my job title on the work permit has been mentioned as ‘secretary’.

Currently, there are no clear conditions for the issuance of a driving license from the Traffic Department. Some of my friends have told me that the current head of the Kuwait Traffic Department (KTD) is very strict and he not accepting the applications even from some of those expatriates who fulfil the conditions laid down by KTD.

Could you please advise the position or job description that should be mentioned on the izneamal (work permit) or will I have to wait for the retirement of this strict official before I apply for the license?

Name withheld
It is very true that it has become very difficult to get a driving license in Kuwait. The Traffic Department officials believe that by cutting down on the issuance of driving licenses they can cut down the number of cars on the roads in the future so that the current traffic problems do not increase.

Before we go further with your question, we will first detail the requirements for getting a license in Kuwait and also those categories exempt from those conditions so that all expatriates benefit from this answer.

The following are the three requirements for getting a license:

1. Must have been in Kuwait for at least two years at the time of application

2. Must be earning at least KD 400 a month

3. Must be a university degree holder

Meanwhile, the following categories are exempt from these regulations:

1. Housewives with children,

2. Doctors,

3. Professors,

4. Teachers,

5. Nursing staff,

6. Translators and interpreters,

7. Accountants,

8. Managers,

9. Counsellors,

10. Journalists,

11. Company heads,

12. University students,

13. Technical staff,

15. Engineers,

16. All diplomatic staff.

We can’t give you a very accurate answer because you have not said whether you meet all the three conditions mentioned above. If you miss any of those conditions, you will not be given a driving license. Secondly, as we have mentioned above, the Traffic Department officials are nowadays very strict on the issuance of driving licenses.

They are of the opinion that until the traffic situation improves not everyone who meets the conditions for a driving license should be given one, although very clear instructions have not been passed on the issue.

So, currently, the Traffic Department is “restricting” the issuance of driving licenses. But wait for a while, and things will be relaxed to your benefit … unless the Kuwait Traffic Department comes out with more strict regulations for the issuance of these licenses.

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