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MP queries sexual harassment case at CMA 12 more sign for by-polls

KUWAIT CITY, May 26: MP Abdullah Al- Turaiji has presented parliamentary queries to Deputy Premier and Minister of Commerce and Industry Abdul Mohsen Al-Mudej on the alleged involvement of an official at the Capital Markets Authority in a moral issue. According to the lawmaker, Al-Rai newspaper published a report Monday (Issue No 12747) on the issuance of a warrant to arrest a top official in the authority for sexually harassing a female employee and inciting her to engage in immoral acts. Al-Turaiji wants to know the content of the female employee’s complaint, the registered case number, name and post of the accused, copy of investigation results (if any), reasons for not suspending the official until completion of the investigation, and measures taken by the minister.

In another development, MP Humoud Al-Hamdan submitted questions to Al- Mudej on the increasing prices of building materials. He said a number of citizens have complained because the prices of these materials have increased by more than 30 percent amidst the construction boom. He inquired about the steps taken by the ministry to cope with the rising prices of construction materials, extent of its actual supervision over the markets and prices, and rationale behind the decision to specify companies for supplying subsidized construction materials granted by Kuwait Credit Bank. He also demanded for a copy of the decision.

Meanwhile, MP Kamil Al-Awadhi asserted the Public Institution for Social Security has no justification for delaying the construction of the hospital for pensioners. He argued there are no financial, technical and political obstacles to the implementation of this vital national project. He also expressed appreciation for the institution’s commitment to continue playing a leading national role. He said the Kuwait Municipality has allocated land for the hospital and the cost is completely covered by the insurance of pensioners in accordance with Article 11 of the Constitution. He stressed that from the constitutional, national and humanitarian standpoint; the institution needs to speed up the establishment of a private hospital for retirees, instead of letting them wait in queues as it might negatively affect their health.

On another issue, Chairman of the Women and Family Affairs Committee MP Saleh Ashour said the panel met on Sunday and Monday to discuss the possibility of registering government houses for married Kuwaiti couples after five years of marriage, as well as granting equal housing loan (KD70,000) Kuwaiti men and women; along with giving rent allowance to Kuwaiti women. He confirmed the attendance of representatives from Kuwait Credit Bank in the meeting; which also tackled the issue of providing housing to Kuwait women in general, including those married to non-Kuwaitis. Ashour revealed the bank’s representatives affirmed that all bills related to the housing care program for Kuwaiti women had earlier been approved. He admitted these approved bills have not been implemented until now due to certain difficulties, so the panel discussed the possibility of amending these bills to ensure equality among citizens.

On the other hand, Ashour said the committee also met with representatives of the ministries of Social Affairs, Labor, Health and Interior; as well as the National Society for Child Protection and other related institutions to complete 70 articles of the Child Protection Bill. In the meantime, day seven of the byelection registration ended with 12 new candidates; bringing the total number of candidates to 77 - four of whom are women. Monday’s registrants from the Second Constituency are as follows: Salman Khalid Marzoug Halila Al-Azmi, Marzooug Khalaf Abdullah Jafeen Al- Rashidi and Mizyad Salem Mizyad Al- Haleli. Third Constituency: Ishmael Mohammed Hasan Habib Al-Habib, Khaled Eisa Ibrahim Rajab Al-Rashed, Fawzi Sager Fahad Al-Sager and Najem Abdullah Hassan Ahmed Al-Sharrah. Fourth Constituency: Awda Nahaar Awda Fadhel Al-Thafiri, Faheed Mislim Al-Ghadori, Mubarak Wasmi Mohammed Mubarak Al-Thafiri, Mutlaq Mubarak Mutlaq Al-Ruwaii and Nawaf Mishal Al-Thafiri.

By: Abubakar A. Ibrahim and Ahmed Al-Naqeeb Arab Times Staff

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