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Good charger, security issues hurdles in use of smartphones Nothing perfect except Creator

MOBILE telecommunication companies are at the forefront of the most widespread companies at a fast rate in the world and these companies have been earning huge profits. With this development, the companies are growing quickly, alongside those dealing in technology and digital systems. The fast growth is due to essence of the companies and people’s need for machines; such that every segment of societies in all countries are in dire need of machines of various types and prices, and some are affordable for everybody. Whenever we read about the frontline international companies like Apple and Samsung or technology like Microsoft, we find ourselves in front of big financial imperials.

Bill Gates became the richest man in the world with massive wealth through Microsoft. Talking about Apple and Samsung, the budget of each of these companies is above that of some countries due to mass production of smart phones which are common across the world. The smart phones produced by these companies are the fastest in procuring several goods. Their products have created many issues concerning software and social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Viber, and Skype; through which the entire world has become a small village. The products are also useful in a large number of deals and transactions involving buying of shares in the promising market. This reminds us of how Microsoft bought Skype for a huge amount of money, as well as how Facebook and Twitter listed on the bourse.

It also reminds us of how the market values of the two companies rise with high profits accomplished for their shareholders. I will not overlook the great deal through which Facebook took over WhatsApp at a mouthwatering price and the disagreement which surrounded it. Another such deal is the Japan-based Rakuten that took over Viber Media, which is regarded as a Cyprus company; even though it is said to be owned by Israel with operational bases in Cyprus and Belarus. Its sale, which reached $900 million, affirmed the high significance and strong market value for the technology market and big clients. The development has attracted cooperation and partnership among major companies, which include acquisition of certain shares to consolidate assets through enormous financial transactions.

The communications technology is one of the largest markets at this period due to high acceptance of market growth. Software production has been flourishing, while social media software programs are numerous. Many concerned agencies and individuals have benefitted from technological advancement to the extent that any of the agencies or individuals can produce applications to be inserted in smart communication gadgets and cameras at affordable prices.

My observation is that in spite of massive growth in this type of production; as well as scientific and technological advancements, it is impossible to produce smart phones or non-smart phones without the need for a charger! This implies that the most notable problem is charging battery for usage, although the quality of batteries depend on brands. Blessed are the days of Nokia when the battery chargers were very strong, such that they could be used for two days or more before running down.

Another notable problem is the weak security cover for smart phones, considering the problem may upset people. These phones are now like self-inflicted spying gadgets against oneself! Science moves a step forward one day and a step backward another day. New technology surfaces at every given period to overtake its predecessor. No matter how much this product develops, manufacturing and security shortcomings are also discovered. Therefore, only Allah Almighty is infallible. Allah says in Surah Yousef, Ayat 76; “Above everyone who is endowed with knowledge there is One who knows all.”

By Yousef Awadh

By: Yousef Awadh

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