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‘Install hi-tech alarm system in wep depot’ Disburse indemnity money without delay: Al-Sane

KUWAIT CITY, May 25: MP Dr Mohammad Al-Huweila has stressed the need to install the most advanced intruder alarm system in the weapons depot at the Ministry of Interior and upgrade all security sectors to cope with the latest developments in the international security field, reports Al-Seyassah daily. In a recent press statement, Al- Huweila also called for intensified training programs for non-commissioned officers to develop their skills in dealing with changes in the criminal and security sectors. He said there should be a strategic and well-studied plan to improve work procedures in security institutions through the development of human and material capacities.

Meanwhile, MP Yaqoob Al-Sanei’ recommended amendments to some provision of decree number 25/1981 on human medicine. He explained if the aim is to report to the concerned authorities an act considered a crime as per the Penal Code and the perpetrator is below 15 years old or he acted against his will due to mental illness or any other factor, the action is not considered disclosure of a secret. He clarified that due to the failure to adhere to certain values, some children under the age of 15 have been violating the simplest rules; hence, the need to amend the law to guarantee justice for all and protect values of the Kuwaiti society.

Moreover, Al-Wasat has quoted MP Hamdan Al-Azmi as saying the government has been neglecting the issue on unreasonable increase in rental fees. He said the rent increased by more than 30 percent in the last six months due to the absence of supervision. Al-Azmi lamented the housing issue is a priority among citizens but no concrete step has been taken to address it, since the government has yet to fulfill its promises in this regard.

On the issue of the indemnity for State employees Chairman of the National Assembly’s Human Resources Development Committee MP Yaqoub Al- Sane said the Ministry of Finance has been informed that June 10, 2014 is the last date to present its report on the subject, saying any delay will mean taking to task the party causing the delay, reports Al-Rai daily.

Al-Sane added the indemnity money should be disbursed without delay to all deserving people.

Meanwhile, MP Faisal Al-Kandari said he hopes the government will take into account what has been discussed by the MPs during the special session on diversifying the sources of income and take necessary action because it concerns the country and the future of coming generations; protection of wealth and the development of the country. Al-Kandari added this issue will fall under the microscope and control of the MPs, because the Parliament is not expected to take a lenient approach because this issue is related to the future of Kuwait especially that there had been warnings of economic disaster and the possibility of deficits and the gap between oil and nonoil revenue is not reduced.

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