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Average Kuwaiti family earns KD 3,040 per month

KUWAIT CITY, May 25: Official government records indicate the average Kuwaiti family earns KD 3,040 monthly and excessive salary increments given to employees reflect high income rates which no other country observes, reports Al-Jarida daily.

The recent study prepared by Higher Council for Planning on the living standard of families pointed to support provided by the government in terms of electricity, water and fuel that contributes to the annual average income of KD 38,700 for individuals, which is five times the global standard.

It stated the magnitude of consumer loans increased with the average Kuwaiti family owing about KD 317,000 in loans and contributing to consumer debt crisis the country is currently facing.

It recommended an end to wastage by controlling expenses at the level of economy and social standards to help balance available resources and expenditure.

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