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Bomb attack kills 7 in Pakistan No claim of responsibility

 ISLAMABAD, May 24, (AFP): Three separate bomb attacks — two in the capital Islamabad and one in a restive tribal region — killed six soldiers and one civilian in Pakistan on Saturday, officials said. The explosions followed three days of intensive Pakistani military airstrikes against Taleban hideouts near the Afghan border, which killed at least 75 people.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the blasts but they come as the government is locked in stop-start peace talks with Tehreek-e-Taleban Pakistan (TTP), who have waged a sevenyear insurgency in the country. The first blast struck an upmarket shopping area close to the centre of Islamabad around 2:00 am (2100 GMT Friday), killing a security guard and wounding another. “One watchman has died in the hospital, he was very critically wounded and did not survive,” police official Chaudhry Hafiz Hussain said. “The second watchman is getting medical treatment,” he added. Images broadcast on local television showed broken glass and branches strewn across the pavement.

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