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Kuwaiti preacher criticizes Qaradawi politicized fatwa ‘Promote tolerance’

 KUWAIT CITY, May 24: The International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS) headed by renowned Islamic scholar Yusuf al-Qaradawi recently issued a “Fatwa” and said participation in Egypt’s presidential elections on 26th and 27th May 2014 is forbidden (haram), reports al-Seyassah daily.

Meanwhile, a number of Kuwaiti clerics regret that certain Kuwaiti religious personalities are supporting the fatwa. They criticized the ambitions of the Brotherhood and al-Qaradawi for exploiting Islam to pounce on the government.

In this context, Kuwaiti preacher Sheikh Saleh Al-Ghanim said the fatwa is politicized and aims to keep Egyptians from voting in the upcoming presidential elections. He called on the scholars to promote tolerance among Muslims. Political activist Manea Al-Ajmi also said the fatwa of Qaradawi and his group is not only politicized but contradictory, as he had earlier urged Egyptians to go to the polls and give their support to ousted Egyptian president Mohammad Morsi otherwise they would be committing sin.

Professor of Political Science at the Kuwait University Dr Abdullah Al- Ghanim stressed that recent fatwas issued by Al-Qaradawi and his group aim at political interests and not religion, noting Kuwait had witnessed a similar situation when some individuals urged for boycotting of the parliamentary elections. On the other hand, member of the International Union of Muslim Scholars Ahmed Al-Dabous declared support for the fatwa issued by IUMS, describing the incident in Egypt as a military coup.

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