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Dignity buries ‘Brotherhood’ scheme

THE Libyans have finally woken up from the comatose situation. Thanks to the revolt led by Retired Major-General Khalefa Haftar against the ‘Brotherhood’ — a group of power hungry gangsters who took advantage of the revolution for selfish gains and did not give a second thought either to nation building or stability of the country. Libya was a victim of misleading journalism — the journalism that knows nothing but its agendas and ideologies with the aim of dividing nations and taking advantage of the resources and people.

The mastermind of this type of journalism is ‘Al-Jazeera’. It has helped mobilize people against their nations; succeeded in some and failed in others. From Yemen to Syria, via Iraq, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, the UAE, Jordan and Morocco with a stopover in Egypt; this channel was the media face of the Muslim Brotherhood Group. All along it has promoted sedition and introduced fanaticism among members of the same community. In spite of the fact that its political wing perfected its game and entrapped Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, it failed in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and the UAE.

Now the group’s media face too, which lit the spark of the June 30 revolution in Egypt will fail to achieve its goals in Cairo. The Egyptians supported by the military have rescued the nation from the claws of the gang. This was their first and the last attempt at power. After the reign of Gaddafi, disorder prevailed in Libya when the Muslim Brotherhood Group opted for the ‘Arab Spring’. In the past three years, there hasn’t been security or development in Libya. Chaos had worsened and the crime rate had increased. The group raised ‘Allah is Great’ flags while stealing the wealth of the people. It took advantage of people’s zeal to take the reigns of the country. ‘Al-Jazeera’ captured the group’s sincerity and faithfulness in such activities in an episode.

The channel broadcast divisions in many countries. It had episodes with people talking about the Nubian State and the State of Homs but none on the Gaza Strip in Sinai, the confederation of Libya and its small tribal states or the divisions of Syria, Iraq and Yemen.  ‘Al-Jazeera’ marketed many lies in an attempt to implement certain agendas and ideologies, which however is no longer a secret to anyone. These were plans based on the thoughts of ‘Sayed Quttub’ and masters of fundamentalism, radicalism and violence, as well as other skewed mentalities under the guise of the religion but not at all similar to the faith of those people who sacrificed their lives without realizing that they were just fulfilling the desires of the group that aimed for control and exploitation.

It is unfortunate that the Arabs who revolted against their regimes had no choice other than to rely on the military to rescue them from their predicament. The military in turn had to leave its duties of protecting the borders and maintaining the national security in order to help the people.  Revolutions are no longer the motivator of development, work, nation building and battle against corruption. These nations have no options besides seeking military assistance. This is what Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi of Egypt did, what the military in Tunisia is planning to do in order to deter the group, and this is what is happening today in Benghazi and Tripoli under the slogan ‘Libya’s dignity’, where the schemes of the Muslim Brotherhood Group will remain buried forever.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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