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Salafist Bloc yet to decide on bye-election candidate ‘Some individuals play suspicious roles’

KUWAIT CITY, May 23: Salafist Bloc in the coming days will make its final decision on the impending parliamentary bye-elections and decide on nominating a candidate or supporting a nominee, reports Alam Al-Youm daily quoting former MP, incumbent minister, and member of the Salafist Bloc Ahmad Baqer. In a statement, Baqer said the stance of the Salafist Bloc on opposing the cancellation of the recent grilling Prime Minister was clear, as they expected the interpellation would be referred to the legislation committee to determine the constitutionality of its items and then presented to the parliament for voting to eliminate the items that were deemed unconstitutional.

Elsewhere, MP Sultan Al- Lugheisem affirmed that suspicious roles have been played by some individuals in an attempt to drag the parliament and the government into a devised political crisis that serves the interests of certain individuals and parties trying to come back to the political arena once again at any cost, even if the cost is to jeopardize the country’s security and stability, reports Al-Rai daily.

At a recent reception held in Jahra, MP Al- Lugheisem said “we will confront these malicious attempts, as representative of the people, to protect the country from devised political crisis”. He indicated the attempt to break down the parliament has long been orchestrated with clear objectives targeting the dissolution of the parliament, to pave way for reemergence of the political crisis.

MP Al-Lugheisem pointed out that, the series of attacks started with the GCC Security Pact, which opened the door of assaults against members of the parliament without any convincing motives apart from creating a generally tensed situation, followed by the resignation of some of MPs and the attempt to mount pressure on several other MPs to submit their resignation in order to cripple the parliament completely.

These attempts, he added, come without any rational basis despite the achievements made by the current parliament in terms of passing several important legislations, such as electronic transactions law, Kuwait Airways Corporation Law and Transportation Authority Law, in addition to housing support of KD 30,000 among other achievements, such as referring Sheikh Jaber stadium case to the Public Prosecution.

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