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National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim meeting with members of Nateer Bait Campaign
Attorney Hussein says plans to internationalize bedouns issue ‘Kuwaiti society must act to end their suffering’

KUWAIT CITY, May 23: Attorney Hani Hussein was recently quoted as saying he plans to internationalize the bedoun issue to find a proper solution after the failure of the government and the National Assembly to solve the plight of this category of the people, reports Alam Alyawm daily.

He pointed out he is endeavoring and looking for legal ways in this regard. In a press statement, attorney Hussein said he looks at the bedoun issue from a humanitarian angle and the Kuwaiti society must act to end the sufferings of this denomination of people. He went on to say the sufferings of these people increase day by day and the government seems to deliberately neglect their plight in spite of knowing the magnitude of their tragedy.

He says the Ministry of Interior has ‘tagged’ them bedoun or illegal residents, but I classify them as Kuwaitis who deserved to be naturalized. He went on to say, “We refer to a statement by an unidentified official who said bedouns don’t deserve the Kuwaiti nationality and that the government will confront them with their original nationalities and deport them to their respective countries.”

This statement was followed by an official statement which said bedouns will be given their identity cards and their social rights. He added, the statement which spoke about deporting the bedoun is in violation of the Kuwaiti Constitution. He wondered what prevents the Ministry of Interior and the Central System for Remedying Status of Illegal Residents from resorting to the judiciary and bring to light people who hold forged documents or disclose the nationality of the people who claim they are bedoun.

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