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Top officer’s visit catches Jleeb policemen unawares

KUWAIT CITY, May 21: Cops caught unawares: Director of Monitoring and Inspection Affairs at the Ministry of Interior Major General Shihab Al-Shammari registered disciplinary actions against some officers at Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh Police Station during his impromptu visit to the station to inspect the level of professionalism of the officers. According to a security source, Major General Al-Shammari went to the station early morning to discover that many of the officers failed to report for duty on time.

The latter were caught unaware when Major General Al-Shammari registered several violations against them including accusing them of dressing shabbily. During his visit, the police station received a distress call about an injured individual lying on the ground close to a school. A rescue team from the station was quickly dispatched to the location. After returning from the site of incident, the leader of the team informed that they did not find anyone at the location. However, Major General Al- Shammari formed another team to inspect the location where they found an expatriate stabbed by unknown assailants lying on the ground at the exact location reported during the distress call.

Scribe in police net: A traffic officer seized the vehicle of an employee of Al-Seyassah newspaper Mohammad Al-Mamlok and issued citations against him for a few traffic violations including the use of mobile phone while driving, reports Al-Seyassah daily. After leaving Al-Seyassah office late evening on Saturday, Al- Mamlok was stopped by a traffic officer in front of the gate of Seized- Vehicles parking area in Shuwaikh area. The officer issued a number of citations against him including for allegedly using mobile phone while driving, and seized his vehicle even though Al-Mamlok questioned the reason why his vehicle was seized for a violation of using his mobile phone while driving. Strangely, the recording of the citation was delayed because of which Al-Mamlok was unable to retrieve his vehicle on the same day.

Policeman assaulted: Police have put behind bars an unidentified Egyptian man for assaulting a police officer inside the Salmiya Police Station, reports Al-Shahed daily. During interrogation the Egyptian reportedly lost control and punched the officer in the nose. The officer was taken to a hospital and on the strength of the medical report has filed a complaint against the man. The daily did not give more details

Officer injured: An officer was injured in Waha area as a drunken Kuwaiti man tried to evade arrest and threatened to stab a security operative. Sources said several warning shots were fired by the officers as the accused fled to his house and locked the door. In the meantime, the officers called for backup but the brothers of the accused helped by handing over the suspect. He was referred to the concerned authority for necessary action.

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