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Court acquits Saudi citizen of possessing narcotic substances ‘Police had warrant for raid’

KUWAIT CITY, May 21: The Criminal Court presided over by Justice Hisham Abdullah acquitted a Saudi national of possessing narcotic substance and stimulants for consumption purpose. According to the testimony of patrol officers, the suspect was walking along Abu Huraira Street in Salmiya when the patrol officer spotted him.

The officer alleged that the suspect appeared to be disoriented with the traffic behind him and he fled and hid behind a car while the officer was getting out the patrol car, noting the suspect threw a bag in his hand below a car parked near him. It was then the officer noticed the suspect was not in normal condition, so he was arrested and referred to the concerned authorities. Later on, security operatives searched for the bag which the suspect was holding and found it with the narcotic substance (hashish) and other stimulants.

Representing the suspect, Lawyer Muhammad Al-Mutairi argued that the bag which the Public Prosecution had emptied during the search was not enough to contain the items brought to the court as exhibits. The lawyer pointed out that the officer’s motives were misplaced based on the fact that his client was in a sound mental condition, and if he wasn’t aware of his surroundings he wouldn’t have been able to flee from the police, as mentioned in the officer’s testimony.

‘Police had warrant’: The security officers, who stormed into the residence of a Kuwaiti man - Sa’ad Al- Shammari, obtained a warrant from the Public Prosecution Department based on the information gathered by the Weapons Collection Unit at the Criminal Investigation Department that the latter is in possession of weapons, says a security source. According to the source, the search in Al-Shammari’s house did not lead to the discovery of any weapon; so the officers were humiliated with insults on their way out of the building. Counsel to Al-Shammari, Mohammad Al-Humaidi, submitted a petition against three detectives and other officers from the Interior Ministry who carried out the search. He alleged the officers stormed the building on May 14 without prior notice or warrant from the Public Prosecution and left the place after the search.

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