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A view of Kuwaiti pavilion at the UN Int’l bazaar
"People in Kuwait love to eat" - Lack of nightlife boon for eateries

In the past 5 years lots of restaurants have mushroomed all over in Kuwait ranging from take-away to fine dining. One of the main reasons is due to absence of nightlife. Hence various types of cuisines ranging from Arabian, American, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese etc are catered to residents and expats of multiculture.

Since people in Kuwait love to eat food it has become a paradise for food lovers. Restaurant owners in Kuwait want steady returns, so providing excellent service and good food has become a mission in this competitive business. The ambiance and location of restaurants also play a very important role.

In this week’s online poll the Arab Times asked the voters why are restaurants the favorite choice of investors in Kuwait?

Respondents from different nationalities had different opinion. Around 28% said that there is huge profit margin specially when it is ordered online. One of the respondents said, “Can you imagine till today in Kuwait you can get a felafil sandwich for 100 fils? I bet no one sleeps hungry in Kuwait.” Affordable pricing with excellent taste of food have encouraged many restaurant owners to open branches at different locations.

19% of the voters said there is nothing to do in Kuwait other than going to shopping malls where you tend to take a quick bite in restaurants. “Men generally sit in cafes whereas wives and kids are busy shopping for summer vacations.”

17% of respondents voted for - People love to eat food, Kuwait ranks 2nd in the world as obese country after USA. “Attractive advertisements on newspapers and flyers tempt people to try out new menus and restaurants. Another reason is the Baladiya (Municipality) keeps constant check on restaurants, hygiene and cleanliness.”

12% voted for low investment and high returns. To have a restaurant in Kuwait the investment is pretty low. “Food and beverage staff are generally hired from Asian countries who are paid low salaries and left to rely on tips, there is no fixed salary cap implemented by government in the private sector.

Many restaurant owners during Ramadan and parties have huge orders. Having a restaurant is just a face for their existence in Kuwait but their turnover on orders is huge.

10% agreed spending power in Kuwait is high, “many of the small companies don’t have attractive offices and meeting rooms. Generally for meetings their sales people choose cafes as their meeting point. “

Remaining voters, mainly bachelors, shared their opinion as they prefer ordering from restaurants or having monthly billing for their food with restaurants as they have two shifts whereas some do part time work after their office working hours.

To save time and investment on cooking equipment and fridge they prefer to have food in restaurants which is closer to their accommodation.

“By destiny God has placed you in Kuwait, so make best use of it by enjoying in various restaurants because not only food is affordable and clean in Kuwait, it is for each and everyone’s taste buds.”

By: Thadeus C J Ferns - Arab Times Staff

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