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Fajr Othman Al-Saeed
Deficit inevitable as spending soars FOURTEEN SIGN TO RUN IN ASSEMBLY BY-ELECTIONS

KUWAIT CITY, May 20: Fourteen candidates registered on Tuesday — the first day of filing candidacies for the parliamentary by-election slated for June 26. The Elections Affairs Department at the Ministry of Interior confirmed the registration of these candidates in a press statement on the same day. Assistant Director of the department Captain Salah Al- Shatti disclosed the candidates, among them a woman, submitted their nomination papers for the by-election in the 14th session of the National Assembly. Al-Shatti said the nominees from the Second Constituency include Fajr Othman Al-Saeed, Faisal Farhan Al-Hajiri and Mohammad Jassem Hassan.

Candidates from the Third Constituency are as follows: Jassem Saleh Al-Jadi, Taher Ali Al-Failakawi, Abdallah Ismael Al-Ansari, Abdallah Yusuf Al- Ma’youf, Emad Mohammad Al-Zamil, Mohammad Abdulrahman Al-Otaibi and Nabeel Nasser. From the Fourth Constituency, the candidates are Tawfeeq Mohammad Al- Ja’far, Amsh Fuhad Al- Shemmeri, Mutlaq Mohammad Al-Mus’ab and Yusuf Mijrash Al-Rashidi.

Meanwhile, Director of the department Brigadier Mohammad Al-Adwani said the registration doors opened Tuesday morning and the department will continue receiving nomination papers until the end of working hours on May 29; including the weekend, Israa and Mi’raj holidays. He affirmed the registration doors are open to all those interested in contesting the byelection. It has been reported that the candidates will be vying for about 247,801 votes to win seats in the second, third and fourth constituencies.

On the other hand, Third Constituency candidate Jassem Al-Jadi said, “We are living in a state of backwardness as manifested in the delayed implementation of development projects, absence of legislation and monitoring role”.

Asked about his priorities upon entering the Parliament, Al-Jadi revealed he will review the education and health sectors, find radical solutions to the housing issue and adopt the Bedoun case, considering the recent speculations about it. Second Constituency candidate Mohammad Jassem Hassan declared that his participation in the by-election is due to his belief in the Constitution and the need to demand for the rights of youths and citizens. He said it became necessary for him to contest the by-election in order to serve the citizens and fight for their rights. He pointed out Kuwait is suffering from a series of problems; notably in healthcare, education and housing. He added, “The government is not capable of meeting the demands from majority of the country’s components in numerous areas, so many things should be fixed.”

Third Constituency candidate Mohammad Al-Otaibi sent a series of messages, starting with the Kuwaiti electorate whom he urged to vote as it is part of their civic duties. He reminded Kuwaiti families to bear in mind that Kuwait is a responsibility in their necks. He also appealed to the opposition to pave way for emergence of second and third generations while they act as advisers. He implored HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah to justify the trust bestowed on him by the Amir to ensure that non-performing ministers are held accountable. He also addressed the merchants, “Citizens are feeling pain of the price hike, so we expect you to serve as good examples for the love of Kuwait to caution them against taking undue advan-tage.” Fourth Constituency candidate Yousef Al-Rashidi declined to comment. He just filed his candidacy and left immediately after. Another candidate from the Third Constituency, Emad Al-Zamel, unveiled his plan to focus on improving education and healthcare. He explained both services are major determinants for growth of the country; hence, his plan is a move towards national development.

Abdullah Al-Ansari, also a candidate from the Third Constituency, stressed the need for the National Assembly to push for the improvement of the legislative work by prioritizing the enactment of laws which serve the interests of the country and its people. He believes the continuity of the Assembly entails implementation of the development plan which has been left pending for a long time. He lamented Kuwait is still lagging behind its neighbors in terms of the quality of services due to the incessant political crises.

By: Abdulnasser Al-Aslami Al-Seyassah Staff

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