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‘Kuwait takes intellectual property rights seriously’ Plans to transform training center into academy

KUWAIT CITY, May 20, (KUNA): Kuwait has taken huge steps in the field of intellectual property rights and is currently planning to transform a locallybased Gulf Cooperation Council training centre on the matter into an academy.

The plans to upgrade the centre’s functionality will benefit the six-nation geopolitical bloc as a whole, Ministry of Commerce and Industry Assistant Undersecretary for International Organisations and Foreign Trade Abdullah Al-Owaisi told KUNA.

The centre, which was launched last week, is a clear indication of the emphasis placed on the issue by Gulf states, he added, praising the move as “one of the most important outcomes of cooperation between the GCC on protecting intellectual innovation.” It is a link between the GCC and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), and was launched by the bloc according to the latter’s recommendations.

The centre trains people on dumping, arbitral tribunal, trademarks, customs unions and common markets, and aims to spread awareness on the importance of the matter to the development of the economy. On the local scale, the official said that the ministry has taken numerous steps to shed light on the matter through holding several courses, and has formed a committee of several state bodies to look into intellectual copyright affairs.

These matters affect the public, he said, particularly with the emergence of counterfeit medicines, car spare parts and other products that are of significance.

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