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Want to close bank account

I need your help on the following issue: My friend worked at a small farm for one year. After his completing one year his kafil (sponsor) gave him a release. After that he joined another farm. But he is facing some problem.

His first kafil opened an account in the bank, that is a salary account. He had to minimum balance otherwise the bank would deduct 2 KD every month. So my friend wants to close that account but his first kafil is not ready to give him his bank card or account details which he can show the bank and close the account.

Please give some advice he is also planning to go on vacations. He went to the bank also but bank representative told him that either he should bring a bank card or the kafil and only then can he close the account.

Name withheld
Please remember that you don’t need to close a bank account to go on vacations. Secondly, your account will automatically become dormant once there are no transaction, in that account, for three months. Thirdly, you can’t go to the bank if you don’t have account details...the bank representative was right on this account but he was not helpful because it is easy for the bank to get your account details... through your Civil ID card. Go back to the branch of the bank where you opened the account and request them to close your account by providing your Civil ID card.

Everyone’s account is nowadays linked to their ID card number so the bank should not face any difficulty in this regard. Now, if the bank is still uncooperative and your sponsor also refuses to give you your bank card you will might have to “lie” your way out of the situation although we don’t recommend such a step. In such a case, just tell the bank that the card “ you can find your bank card “ and you want it to be cancelled so that is not misused.

At the same time, tell the bank that you wish to discontinue your account. The bank has no option but to cancel the account. If the bank representative, at the information desk, refuses to help you request to see the manager.

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