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KFH honors Al-Omar in presence of chairman, board Former CEO says takes pride in 22 years of work at KFH

KUWAIT CITY, May 19: Kuwait Finance House (KFH) honored former CEO Mohammed Al-Omar for his efforts. Al-Omar had been appointed as CEO in 2008, and retired last month after 22 years of working at KFH. The event was attended by Chairman Hamad Al-Marzouq, a number of board members, and several KFH employees. Al-Marzouq stated in his speech that Al-Omar had been working for KFH for many years, where he held several posts that enabled him to execute approved policies. He highlighted the role that Al-Omar had shouldered in the restructuring of some KFH struggling companies, which allowed those companies to recover. He went on to say that KFH will continue to communicate with its employees, whether they work for it or after they leave.

Meanwhile, Al-Omar said that KFH will remain a part of him, since he had spent 22 years in it, adding to the bank as much as he could. Al-Omar had also played a role in entering new business fields to boost Islamic banking worldwide and trigger development. He recalled several stages of the bank’s development in a number of fields, including international real estate that witnessed a boost after offering major portfolios and funds in the United States and Europe.  He also remembered cementing the role of new products, such as Ijarah, Sukuk, and funding of projects; not to mention reinforcing the role of KFH’s overseas banks that serve as a link between those countries and the GCC. At the end of the event, Al-Omar received a commemorative plaque for his tireless efforts, and all attendees wished KFH further development and prosperity in local, regional, and global markets.


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