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Where daytime never departs Dubai ... city for all of us

A FEW days ago, I was on a short trip to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). I departed from Kuwait International Airport and arrived at Dubai International Airport, in the Emirate which truly deserves to be called ‘Pearl of the Gulf’. As usual, I was in the economy class of the plane when some thoughts struck my mind. I remembered Kuwait, during those days when it used to be the beacon and bride of the Gulf; so it occurred to me that days are dynamic.

There is a popular saying about the place - that “Dubai is a lively home where greyhaired people rejuvenate to become young again”. This means the residents of Dubai are full of enthusiasm, because they are always engaged in various activities. It also indicates that whenever grey-haired people visit Dubai, they feel young again as they marvel at activities of residents. This implies the unending activities of Dubai residents during the day are the same in the evening and at night, so daytime will never depart due to round-the-clock movement in the vibrant Emirate.

Dubai is a paradise of decisions, because of the absence of bureaucracy. Decisions are planned, taken and executed through the right channels quickly and reasonably without impediments or obstacles. This is the secret behind Dubai’s development. It is far from the frustrating bureaucracy that delays decisions; thereby, easing the decision- making process. During the global financial crisis some
years ago, Dubai faced wars from all angles. Despite the pressure and overwhelming debts; it stood firm on its legs through determination, responsibility and support of its sister Emirate - Abu Dhabi. It was a show of solidarity among components of the United Arab Emirates.

In Dubai, there is no place for sleepyheads and passive people; such that the Emirate inaugurated Metro Dubai during the financial tremor which was a rare challenge. The global financial crisis followed, yet Dubai launched the tallest tower in the world - Burj Khalifa. These two events affirmed Dubai can be sick, but it will not die; it can fall but, it will always stand again...standing firm like a recalcitrant

Dubai owns Emirates Airways - one of the leading airlines in the world; while Fly Dubai is a low-cost efficient airline. This creative Emirate is unique, considering these two airlines and several other monuments. The most significant aspect of the Emirate is the trust of the entire world. It is the trust that won the Global Expo for the Emirate as it surpassed other notable cities in the world. It is noteworthy that Dubai does not depend solely on crude oil as a major source of income since it does not have enough oil. It had diversified the economy through ambitious plans which remains successful until now.

While talking about the recalcitrant Emirate, it is impossible to ignore pivotal role played by its amiable leader - Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashed Al-Maktoum who, after Allah Almighty, has been on the driving seat towards monumental achievements. He leads the city in facing challenges of construction, through confident moves and determination to ensure that Dubai serves as model for unique cities. No article, book or words could adequately commend Dubai. It is a wonderful story in which a new chapter is written every day by a capable writer with the ink of patriotic citizens who indulge in creativity and honest intention.

Daytime never departs in Dubai. The city is for all of us.

By Yousef Awadh

By: Yousef Awadh

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