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‘Need to enhance ties with Indians for good of country’ ‘Reconsider expat workforce demand’

INDIA is like a jewel that is currently in the right path for achieving huge economic progress and development in the global economy in the future. India is not just about the spices as many believe. It is a huge industrial country and has been particularly exporting qualified people in the field of information technology. There are a number of figures confirming that India is one of the developed nations globally. In the field of public health, Indian doctors and nurses are known to be peaceful and trustworthy with excellent and clean security files.

In fact, India exports manpower to most developed countries due to cheap labor and reasonable efficiency in the security, engineering and service fields. India has also been a major source of a number of basic food items notably the Indian Basmati rice. I remember a few years ago when the price of Indian Basmati rice had increased as it was in demand throughout the world. This hike in price was the result of advance requests made by major regional countries due to shortage of required quantity of rice. A number of countries began to search for alternatives to compensate for the lack of rice or to deal with the high prices of Indian Basmati rice.

The Kuwaiti government, according to its statements, had signed agreements with several African countries for the purchase of large-scale farmlands to obtain agricultural products such as rice and import them to Kuwait but those plans never worked. Kuwait and India share a common legacy and relations dating back to several decades. In fact, some Kuwaiti families still live in Mumbai while there are many huge Kuwaiti investments in India. My suggestion is that we have to reconsider the number of expatriates in the country who are working in the security, engineering and service fields. However, we must first study how much the country will benefit from these aspects and then reconsider the number of expatriate laborers from every country based on the public interest of Kuwait.

Considering India with respect to its history and its vast population, I am confident that India in the future will become one of the most important countries in the world economically. Therefore, it is important for us to consider this aspect when determining our future actions in the international arena. A few months ago, the United Arab Emirates signed agreements with India during a visit to the country. Recently, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia visited India and signed a number of agreements. Such activities indicate the importance of building business relations with India. Kuwait and India already share ties, which we need to enhance for the good of the country.

By Yousef Awadh

By: Yousef Awadh

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