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MP rejects ministry official’s suggestion to deport Bedouns ‘Idea apartheid, discrimination’

KUWAIT CITY, May 18: MP Abdullah Al- Tamimi has submitted a proposal for the Ministry of Health to shoulder the expenses of every Kuwaiti woman who gives birth in private hospitals - both normal delivery and by Caesarian section.

According to the lawmaker, it is not a secret that the ministry’s maternity services are poor; considering there is only one public maternity hospital and some maternity wards in other hospitals whose bed capacity is not enough to accommodate the citizens. He alleged the fact that expatriate women fully benefit from free health services limits the chance of citizens to enjoy such services in government hospitals; hence, the latter have no choice but to go to private hospitals which provide better services.

Under such circumstances, he asserted the ministry should bear the cost for giving birth in private hospitals - normal and Caesarean section - for Kuwaiti women. He said the Kuwaiti pregnant women must be given special treatment; starting from the eighth month of pregnancy in hospitals and private clinics, in addition to the services of doctors and gynecologists whose fees must be paid by the ministry.

He clarified the ministry should also bear the cost for treatment and other related health services for the mother and newborn baby for three months after giving birth, both in and outside the country. He added the proposal is for Kuwaiti women regardless of the nationality of their husbands.

In another development, Al- Tamimi has strongly rejected the suggestion of Major General Mazen Al-Sabah, an official in the Interior Ministry, to deport Bedouns after reaching an agreement with certain countries to grant them citizenship. He asserted this idea is totally unacceptable and no one should attempt to mess with the fate of the people of this country.

He likened the idea to apartheid or discrimination against people who exerted tremendous efforts to serve Kuwait. He vowed to take the necessary constitutional measures if the proposal is approved. Meanwhile, MP Mubarak Al- Khrainej has forwarded queries to Minister of Health Ali Al- Obaidi on the suspension of health insurance for Kuwaiti students in the United Kingdom without prior notice. He wants to know the reason why the Health Office in Britain suspended the health insurance without notifying the students before taking the decision. He asked if the health offices in other countries have taken a similar step. In the meantime, MP Abdul- Hamid Dashti has filed a lawsuit against former MP Riyadh Al- Adsani and a media man for falsely accusing him in a television program.

He pointed out it is not his practice to file lawsuits against anybody who wronged him through the media and social networking sites, but when the offender knows he is propagating lies and false accusations; then he must be stopped. He accused Al-Adsani of lying to the people of Kuwait when he claimed that he (Dashti) cried over the last interpellation request against HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al- Mubarak.

He stressed, “No one can make me cry”, expressing regret that some people resort to false accusations to damage the reputation of others. Furthermore, the Legal and Legislative Committee on Sunday approved five draft bills and referred them to the concerned authorities.

Committee Chairman Mubrak Al-Hurais revealed they approved the proposed amendments to some provisions of law number 47/1982 on the establishment of Kuwait Investment Authority. He said the proposal includes changing the tenure of the board of directors from four years to three years to be renewed only once.

Other bills approved during the meeting are the proposed establishment of health fund for athletes to compensate for injuries they suffer during games, as well as the amendment of law number 25/1974 on the restructuring of Kuwait Arab and Economic Fund to change its operation system to Islamic Sharia, appoint a legal oversight panel, and change the tenure of the director general to three years like that of the board members.

By: Abubakar A. Ibrahim and Ahmed Al-Naqeeb Arab Times Staff

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