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‘Pull reckless, law-violating motorists driving licenses’ Good public transport to cut jams

IT IS good news that the General Traffic Department in Kuwait withdrew only in one year 35,000 driving licenses illegally issued (see Arab Times, May 13, 2014)! I do believe that driving in Kuwait should not continue to be a nice adventure to those who pick up passengers in their private cars.

I also believe that the General Traffic Department should make it harder for private car owners to work in Kuwait as taxi drivers; while at the same time congesting our streets with their reckless driving. In fact, it is good that the government is intending to cut gas subsidies because it is the cheap gas prices which seem to encourage anyone to drive a car in Kuwait. Fundamentally changing the driving situation in Kuwait requires urgent and more effective traffic decisions.

Moreover, the Ministry of Interior should establish a hotline where concerned expats and Kuwaiti citizens can inform about those who use their private vehicles as private taxis. In fact, it would be appropriate to withdraw driving licenses from anyone who is not an expat professional; allowing almost anyone to obtain a driving license is illogical.

Furthermore, driving in Kuwait should not continue to be a nice and safe adventure to those who never dreamt of driving cars in their countries. Why should we allow those who have no previous driving experience to continue to violate our traffic laws? I would even argue that most traffic jams in Kuwait are caused by some drivers who have no previous experience in driving.

Individuals who never drove cars in their home countries due to high prices of gas and vehicles should not obtain driving license quite easily in Kuwait. Why should we allow some reckless-driving individuals to ruin our roads with their reckless driving; while it is almost impossible for a Kuwaiti citizen to obtain a driving license abroad? The government needs to set up new regulations governing the use of public transportation. An individual who has been used to travelling on Western public transportation buses will notice immediately how clean most European and American public buses are.

We need the government to ensure some kind of quality control regarding the conditions in some of our public transportation.

Providing good quality public transportation will definitely reduce the number of traffic jams in Kuwait. Whatever the government needs to do to solve the traffic problem in Kuwait, it needs to do so quickly. Driving in Kuwait is turning to the worse due to some issues that needs to be managed effectively: withdrawing driving licenses from reckless; nonlaw- abiding drivers is a first good step.

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By: Khaled Aljenfawi

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