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Jahra Governor receives KFH delegation
‘Subsidy cuts won’t affect Kuwaitis, expats negatively’ PROPOSAL STILL UNDER REVIEW: AL-SALEH

KUWAIT CITY, May 17: The Minister of Finance Anas Al-Saleh has reiterated that government has no intention to hurt the lowincome earners by removing subsidies on fuel, electricity and water. He affirmed that the removal of subsidies will not affect citizens and expatriates negatively, restating the issue has yet to be concluded, as the proposal is still under review.

Speaking about the issue, the Minister of Electricity and Water Abdulaziz Al-Ibrahim corroborated what the finance minister said. He disclosed that the decision to raise the electricity and water bill has not been issued, indicating the step the government has taken until now is just a regular study to enable citizens and expatriate control their consumption levels.

He declared there have been several studies and estimations concerning the classification of consumption, but no specific decision has been made, because whenever the classification and value is determined, consumers will be able to control their consumption rate.

Meanwhile, the country is facing a multitude of issues relating to the proposed removal of subsidy on fuel, electricity and water, and the upcoming by-election to replace the five lawmakers who tendered their resignation recently.

A source disclosed that the government will take neutral position to avoid favoring one candidate against another. He reasoned the current political impasse and fabricated reports at seminars and other public gatherings will end before the current summer lapses, and if possible, usher in a new political page. He added the upcoming elections signals a drastic solution at all levels to the current problem in the country, as it’ll reposition the political terrain.

He indicated the government will prevent creation of fabricated stories by releasing significant and strategic decisions that are capable of setting things right. As regards the upcoming elections, the source indicated the council of ministers is on the verge of completing relevant procedures and decisions to discourage campaigns of calumny against the government during the election process.


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