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MoH taking unprecedented steps of ‘demolishing’ some hospital wards No donors being informed: source

KUWAIT CITY, May 16: Ministry of Health has been taking unprecedented steps of demolishing some hospital wards donated by individual philanthropists without informing the donors on the development even in a friendly manner, reports Al- Qabas daily quoting an informed source. He said the ministry is carrying out the activity without considering the high costs incurred by the donors in building the wards based on their conviction that the country deserves healthcare facilities of the same level as those available in advanced countries. He revealed that the ministry did not consider another important factor, which is the role of the wards in relieving patients of their sufferings.

The source indicated that many people are wondering why the ministry is taking such an unjustifiable step and what could have prompted the officials to demolish the wards that have served a large segment of the society including Kuwaiti citizens and expatriates. He stressed that congestion inside waiting rooms will increase incredible especially with the demolition of several halls and wards and increasing population of the country, adding that construction of new hospitals will take some time. He cited an incident that took place few years ago when the ministry appealed to philanthropists to construct a pediatric ward within the Chest Diseases Hospital. Shortly after, a philanthropist agreed to finance the project and equip it fully. He increased the bed spaces from 20 to 50 and inaugurated it officially in 2007.

Surprisingly, the hospital management converted it into an Outpatient unit from the pediatric ward soon after the inauguration. The action amounted to bad planning because such projects should have been thoroughly reviewed before embarking on them or seeking assistance of donors. The problem did not end there, as the management has now demolished the ward completely with the intention of building a Cardiac Diseases Ward instead at the same location.

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