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KTA chief warns against meddling with cadres of teachers ‘Some advisors to minister striving to create issues among certain segments’

KUWAIT CITY, May 16: Chairman of Kuwait Teachers Association (KTA) Mutaib Al-Otaibi has warned against messing with cadres of teachers, saying, “No one should dare meddle with the cadre, as it has the backing of the National Assembly bill,” reports Al-Seyassah daily.

During a recent meeting Al- Otaibi held with some teachers belonging to a branch of KTA in Mangaf, he said some advisors to the Minister of Education and Higher Education Ahmad Al- Mulaifi have been striving to create issues among certain segments against the cadre. He stressed that the advisors do not support any of the parties involved because their main aim is to tamper with the cadre as a way of attacking the teachers.

Al-Otaibi affirmed that KTA is the authority responsible for handling issues related to teachers, adding that it is the only authority that can handle the issues in a proper administrative manner without randomly agitating for teachers’ rights through unstudied methods. He stressed that KTA will not accept the conditions put forward by the minister, revealing that some officials in the educational areas and experts have rejected the random decisions approved by the Council of Undersecretaries without proper review.

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